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7 Nov 2011 16:57

the floor ruins it, it's too much, too busy, very large pale ceramic/marble tiles woudl look much better IMO.

Also, those stairs are lethal when you are pissed.

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7 Nov 2011 17:19
You should know.
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7 Nov 2011 22:03

Anyone spotted a decent cheval mirror anywhere? Everything seems to be the same chunky frame in natural or white wood, or old fashioned oval shape. Looking for something a bit different.
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8 Nov 2011 19:00
Laughing out loud at the last page
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9 Nov 2011 21:48
unCouth wrote: You should know.
Laughing out loud
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16 Nov 2011 16:12

Saw this place while out on a walk a couple of weekends ago, incredible location and architecture

bit morbid being right on the cemetery but still cool
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16 Nov 2011 16:57
seen it before but it is incred

I think that location is so sick, working in that office would be amazing
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16 Nov 2011 18:39
Yeah, great location
Noble Locks
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16 Nov 2011 18:58
that house is abso fucking ridic. /but who the fuck in their right mind would live in a cemetry?
unsellable aint it? Puzzled
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16 Nov 2011 19:07
under offer
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16 Nov 2011 19:16
That was the Russian house in spooks?
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16 Nov 2011 19:21
Yeah in Norf London, was on that channel 5 best homes thing last year too
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16 Nov 2011 22:21
thought one of the guys from sunn ((((o bought it? the speaker setup in the third pic seems prime for his meditations
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16 Nov 2011 22:32
Really? They earning that sort of money?
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16 Nov 2011 22:53
was just a rumour mind, but i wouldn't put it past o'malley.
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16 Nov 2011 22:56
incredible house. had no idea that could be in highgate.
Hello World
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16 Nov 2011 23:01
nice, looks like its in the jungle, wouldn't have a meridan music system though.
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17 Nov 2011 00:36
beedub wrote: Really? They earning that sort of money?

would be interesting. Southern Lord is doing well, but that well??

It certinly ain't from XBrotherhoodX re-issues Laughing out loud
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22 Nov 2011 11:04
Can anyone recommend me some good books on interior design to buy as present for my GF?
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22 Nov 2011 11:07
Some of the Taschen ones are pretty good, fantastic photos.