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19 Oct 2020 10:30
R wrote: just got 2 x se 2's not long ago as I prefer small phones. Thought it would be the smallest for a while Evil

need an HMP phone mate

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19 Oct 2020 12:46
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19 Oct 2020 13:17
Laughing out loud
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19 Oct 2020 20:30
swede wrote: have to say i am pretty impressed with the iphone 11 battery. first time it actually feels like there has been a battery upgrade

hugely impressed with this also. weird having nothing to moan about

is the new 12 considerably cheaper than when new ones normally come out? is it like 700 dollars? £500 ish actually seems reasonable for a new iPhone. not brought a new one outright in years but wouldn't mind paying that for a 12 - just smashed my 11 pro to pieces and I feel like I might as well just get the new one instead of a screen repair
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19 Oct 2020 21:12
I was away to get a SE2 when it came out but after reading about the battery i decided against it. Now I’m thinking will I get an 11 for £470 on the 02 refresh deal or wait and get the mini for £699. It’s quite a big difference in price and I only really use my phone to check emails, place bets, WhatsApp and phone calls. That being said the mini looks an ideal size and should last me 4+ years.

Will there likely be any deals on it come Black Friday or is it too new and being an Apple product unlikely to get any discount?
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20 Oct 2020 10:26
You might get some carrier deals but nothing substantial from apple imho
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20 Oct 2020 10:37
Would be buying outright, noticed Very have excluded the latest range from there 10% off new members, wasn’t sure if there would maybe be places throwing in a free gift, if I was buying a mini a case and screen protector it soon mounts up
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posted 20 Oct 2020 11:19, edited 20 Oct 2020 11:19
If someone you know has Perkbox through their employer, you can get 5% off John Lewis gift vouchers and purchase the the iPhone from them. Alternatively, if your employer runs a Tech Scheme (similar to the cycle2work scheme), you can save a bit through that, and you have the bonus of spreading the cost over 12 monthly payments that is deducted from your monthly wages.