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23 Sep 2014 15:59
Laughing out loud Keep scratching at it with nails the next day to take the rough edges of the scratch or dent so it doesnt look as bad too. After that though if you do drop it and its face down all you hope for is that the screen aint smashed and then you pick it up with a sigh of relief and stop caring.
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23 Sep 2014 16:17
one of the benefits for me of going the lease route this time round……
Noble Locks
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23 Sep 2014 16:23
Still fucking hurts, dats still a year with dat dent doe.
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23 Sep 2014 16:54
Got exactly the same feeling after taking a nick out my alloy the other day, cars only 3 months old Cry
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23 Sep 2014 20:04;_medium=push&utm;_campaign=front
maybe you will need a case Sticking out tongue
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23 Sep 2014 20:54
anyone seen a smashed one yet?
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24 Sep 2014 05:12
Failed the football test.

It doesn't fit in my number nine jeans front pocket and when in the back pocket it sticks out waving and whistling attracting attention like a needy kid.

Gunna have to start wearing those deep pocket MII 19" like its 2006 all over again.
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24 Sep 2014 06:53
How much data do people use on their iPhones? I don't do anything ridiculous a few hours of streaming radio on the iPlayer app plus everything else and i've used 5GB this month. Seems quite a lot, no?
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24 Sep 2014 09:37
I get 1gb and have never gone over or anywhere near until last month when I ran out a few days short, as did my mate. Was in America for half of the month aswell with my data off so something definately went wrong. That's with EE, not sure what network you're on. 5gb sounds very high.
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24 Sep 2014 09:47
I'd imagine streaming radio is pretty intensive on data! I'm connected to wifi at work and home so only use data in between. But If you dont have wifi during the day and use facebook/twitter quite a bit I think you'd struggle with a gig.
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24 Sep 2014 09:56
i teethered my iPhone on EE to my laptop and went through that 4gb limit in no time streaming songs and watching youporn, sorry youtube. Should have stuck with my Three plan with unlimited teethering. damn.
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24 Sep 2014 09:59

Thats the 6+ though, dont really understand what you would be wearing to be able to leave that in your pocket and sit comfortably for a few hours. Also must feel something if the pressure is bending the metal chassis of your phone?
Must be Americans with 46 inch waist jeans and proportionately sized pockets.
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24 Sep 2014 11:47
That bending video made me cringe
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24 Sep 2014 12:41
Went in and had a look today. My 5 is up for renewal, going to get the 5s.

6 just feels to lightweight and cheap, imo. Don't get the hype for it.
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24 Sep 2014 12:44
well yeah if you want to look cheap, by all means get the old model
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24 Sep 2014 13:00
no, I get what burny is saying, the 5s has a bit more depth to it, feels bit more all round substantial in the hand, whereas the 6 is thin and light. prefer the styling of the 6 but wouldn't mind if they had made a slightly thicker one and had a bigger battery in it.
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24 Sep 2014 13:04
I only had 1 gig on my old contract and the only time I went over it was the first month when you don't get the full allowance. So went for the 2gig option this time, can't see it been an issue for me.
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24 Sep 2014 13:04
yeah agreed, although i would say the battery in my 6 is better than my 5
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posted 24 Sep 2014 13:12, edited 24 Sep 2014 13:12
Not to blow noble's trumpet any but the Z3 just smashed every smartphone ever made in battery tests
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24 Sep 2014 14:10
So do the old school nokias. There's a lot more to a phone than just battery life. I'm rarely out and about for 12+ outs with no access to a charger so not that bothered.

Anyway, got a 6 last week and completely understand what burny is getting at. It feels like a Samsung s4 (which I'm ashamed to admit I owned for a few months), looks and feels like it's made of plastic