General Discussion: Is there anything that helps you to grow mentally?

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12 Feb 2020 12:49
I oftentimes need blood pumping or thought provoking motivation at the beginning of the day to get me started. I either listen to some podcast/music or I watch videos like the ones below

What do you do?

How do you make sure to stay in a growth mindset during the day?

Do you have any special tricks or tips that you are willing to share?

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12 Feb 2020 15:16
Not being a socialist I find helps a lot. Cool

And listening to some Jim Rohn. Used to be a great speaker.
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12 Feb 2020 16:17
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12 Feb 2020 17:46
swiftus wrote: SuperTed?

Definitely Laughing out loud
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12 Feb 2020 17:56
Who joins a fashion forum and this is the first thing they post? Laughing out loud So bait
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12 Feb 2020 18:01
Is someone taking the piss making these posts? Pretending to be superted?
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12 Feb 2020 18:29
I often sit at the end of the bed, close my eyes, and slowly masturbate to the sound of the pregnant pigeon outside my window.
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12 Feb 2020 18:29
My morning routine:

I like to check my eBay alerts around 8:00, flick through some copies of Men's Club, Lightning, 60's Esquire or Free & Easy for inspiration. Dip into HandCut Radio for an hour, I might read the Ralph Lauren 50 years anniversary book in the shower as things start to formulate. Soon enough it's 10am so I have a look at #menswear and my follows on Instagram for an hour or two, as well as checking all the big hitters on Twitter, before finally checking the WAYW thread on here to see if Jordan or FudgeDredd have posted anything.

I work from home, but find this the only way to truly mentally prepare for dropping a sick 'fit which in turn is absolute Supergro for my mental wellbeing.

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12 Feb 2020 18:42
Crackajack wrote: I like to check my eBay alerts around 8:00
Ahh see I've always been more of a check before bedtime kind of guy, I've been wondering why I've struggled to grow mentally.
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12 Feb 2020 22:15
Noam Chomsky
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13 Feb 2020 09:22
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13 Feb 2020 09:36
that protein bars rap by Alex Jones