Random Questions: iTunes help!

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29 May 2012 18:06
I've currently got all my music stored on my 16GB 3GS, however it's completely full and slowing it down which is starting to piss me off. I only really listen to music in my car now as I connect via a USB.

The plan is to buy an external HDD which I can keep in the car at all times and just plug in, freeing my phone up a bit. I just tried with a spare memory stick and all is good. Only problem is when I drag in all the songs to my USB, the title and artist that is displayed in iTunes doesn't come up - instead the song is titled with a 4 digit code, for example I just imported an album and the songs have come up as 'KTGH, KYRF, KPYT KDEF' etc etc

Anyone know how to export them to a harddrive and keep the same name/artist as I've modified it to in iTunes?