General Discussion: I've launched a fashion related startup and I need Fuk's help!

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9 May 2015 22:26
Thanks. It's very close on the votes!
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9 May 2015 22:40
illwill wrote: 1

You want the emphasis to be on "Near" imo.

That's your USP.
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9 May 2015 22:56
FrIEND wrote:
illwill wrote: 1

You want the emphasis to be on "Near" imo.

That's your USP.

In fact, in future you can change the name to just NEAR imo.
morning mist
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10 May 2015 10:53
or just PEAR, because it's a fruit
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10 May 2015 21:05
After a split vote I went with 2 in the end. Please like and follow on twitter and facebook! Jimmy Hill Jimmy Hill Jimmy Hill
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11 May 2015 13:08 wrote: It is going to be tough to get this off the ground as lots are trying to get into this space (and with very similar concepts).

You need to get in with someone that has the branch network really (like an argos) otherwise customers simply won't use it as there will never be a drop-off point nearby (going the independant route you'd need 10,000's retailers on board which realistically isn't going to happen - not without significant investment at least).

There are others who's USP is tapping into the rail network and doing it from train/tube station pick ups ( etc) and even then coverage isn't great - i think my nearest collection point was 150 miles away.

Also if I was you'd I'd change your website before you approach these larger retailers, as at present some elements will go against you (such as showing the 4 small retailers on the map). You need it more guarded until you have a bigger user base.

You also need a USP/different angle, at the moment the headline: "NearCollect lets you have your parcels delivered to a local shop, to collect when it’s convenient for you." basically just says we do exactly the same as Collectplus - at which point people will leave. You need to shout about why you are different.

You've got my details if you want to email/call me for any guidance (got a bit of experience on this which I can share).

Agree with this you will struggle to get critical mass which is what you need. People have mentioned Doddle which is actually backed by the Rail Network so they are doing a massive stores rollout with their stores and movement of goods costs subsidised. Has anyone mentioned My Hermes? Isn't that the same thing?

I know from experience that people want this and the Amazon lockers are not being used as much as hoped. I had to drive to a semi-terrifying car park off the Old Kent Rd to pick up an Oi Polloi purchase last week from a locker.

Fastest way to get out there is to build connectors for the main platforms and give them away for free, Shopify, Magento, Demandware and Hybris. This will get you out there fast. Retailers will integrate anything that makes checkout more appealing and easier.

I'm right down the road from you - would be interested to talk more. PM me anytime
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11 May 2015 14:08
You are right, we do need a critical mass of collection points. I'm speaking to people now, but if any fukers know anyone who own networks of gyms, garages, newsagents etc. PLEASE LET ME KNOW Smiling

Doddle receive packages from any retailer, and most of them won't use rail to get it there. Doddle are really good if there's one near you, but they'll never have as many as my business model is capable of, because of the capital costs associated with each. For example, I can theoretically have 20 shops all next to each other join me in 1 minute and only receive 1 package for the year. I would still make a profit. One Doddle rollout would take a month at best, and they probably need to handle 1000 packages a month to stay profitable. In summary, I think there's room for both of us.

Amazon lockers may not be being used but click & collect as a whole will grow from 50 million parcels this year to 120 in 2018. From a customer experience POV, we're closer to Collect+, and they are growing rapidly as well.

MyHermes only do package sending but there are other people doing similar things e.g. UPS. But all of them want to lock down the network so you can only use them e.g. if you send packages with Royal Mail, guess what! You can't send them to a UPS collection point. Our solution is open, we can receive packages from any courier.

We are currently developing an API for Magento.

I've sent you a PM.