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posted 28 Feb 2020 11:05, edited 28 Feb 2020 11:05
Great service with Zenmarket too.

Ordered a brand new pair of Visvim jeans. When creating the package I set the declared value of 1,100 yen, selected no prices and no Zenmarket logos, and selected EMS shipping (was only saving £8 if I chose SAL). Shipped on Tuesday, arrived today via Parcel Force (fully tracked all the way) with no issues with customs at all Cool
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28 Feb 2020 11:21
Hanto wrote: How did you get on with customs? What did you order?

Some Wacko Maria shorts for the summer. Ended up getting outbid at the last minute on the Nonnative Vans I initially wanted (bastards), but still wanted to test out the service. No issues with customs at all. Got notified by Royal Mail on Sunday a parcel from ZENMARKET Japan was on its way, 3 days later it was delivered.
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28 Feb 2020 12:00
Nice, cheers. Will use instead of FedEx in future. Just bought something from Rakuten Global direct, which is normally less likely to mark down, but I have been lucky before.