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1 Aug 2019 09:06
just had another failure with FromJapan bullshit. Refuse to order from Japanese electronics stores.. oooookay, back to Japonica again..
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3 Aug 2019 09:11
Can anyone recommend retailers that ship to UK for brands like the following? Used Rakueten which worked well but stock is a bit limited
Wacko Maria
And Wander etc.
Real McCoy's
Mister Freedom

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27 Oct 2019 12:04
Sholto wrote: Zenmarket is great for yahoo auctions, and it also works for other random sites as well - you paste the link to the item over to them, they review it and buy it for you. Only charge 300 yen per item. Any better sites than that? They also let you custom ship your packages, and choose the declared parcel value.

I'm in serious need of someone in Indonesia to hook me up with a proxy/buy over there, if someone could please help out I'd be most appreciative.

DO Zenmarket mark down?.
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6 Dec 2019 11:17
Anyone used from japan recently ? Seemingly doesn’t allow you to heavily mark down value of items now. It’s automatically filling the value at Minimum of around 70% of the actual value no matter what I enter. Looks like a big old customs charge coming my way Cry
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6 Dec 2019 11:51
I’ll be coming back to the UK for Christmas so if anyone wants anything from Japan let me know and I’ll see what I can do. You just need to cover my costs for anything, although donations are welcome!

Fly back on the 21st.
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25 Jan 2020 11:12
Looking to get a Kapital Western shirt. Can anyone recommend a proxy or know of any retailers that ship to UK?
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posted 25 Jan 2020 11:14, edited 25 Jan 2020 11:14
Stephen Marzano - stylistics
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25 Jan 2020 11:25
Seconded. have used him for the last 10 years always been great service.