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25 Jan 2015 15:04
Business as usual. Thanks as ever mate. Cool
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1 Mar 2015 21:28
Peas wrote: Business as usual. Thanks as ever mate. Cool

Everytime - Cheers Edward!
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12 Mar 2015 12:27
Just received my package, perfect service and very fast delivery as usual. Cheers Cool
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12 Mar 2015 16:05
Just came home to find my 101. Ordered last Friday and was delivered on Monday, no custom problems - very happy! Thanks Edward!
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18 Mar 2015 10:52
Fast and very easy to deal with, highly recommended!
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12 May 2015 15:50
Who is Epdavies123 on instagram?
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6 Jul 2015 11:04
Ordered a bag from Nanamica last week. Arrived in London today. Unreal service. Thanks again Edward.
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27 Oct 2020 08:52
Bump. Just thought I’d advertise my services once more. Basically happy to do all online orders for free and will charge 5% for in-store pick-ups (plus all transportation costs).
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27 Oct 2020 12:50
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28 Oct 2020 15:56
Nice… thanks for the update EeePee
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20 Nov 2020 10:06
Getting a bit pissed off and a little worried about this delay now.

Something that departed Tokyo on the 9th should be fucking here by now. Customs are cunts.
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20 Nov 2020 18:34
Fucking hell I bought something from the Freeman's Sporting Goods sale and it was stuck in transit over a month. DHL tried to charge me the customs twice too the cunts, took some fucking about to put right! I wanted the JJJJound x Eddie Bauer jacket but it's put me off buying from overseas for a while.