Random Fashion Questions: Jeans for giants

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16 Dec 2011 07:09
Can anyone recommend labels/stores that do decent quality slim/tapered jeans (around the £70-120 mark) with a longer than average leg?

I like a bit of a roll up, but even in their natural state 34Ls often hover coyly just above the shoe line. 511s kinda do the job, but I'm not wild about the cut. Heard good things about Albam inside legs, but every time I look the slims & regs are out in 32.

All wisdom appreciated.
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16 Dec 2011 10:04
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16 Dec 2011 10:09
DuffMan wrote: apc

seconded, albam are longer than usual too think there both around the 36 37 mark

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16 Dec 2011 10:31
Help for Heroes.
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16 Dec 2011 12:13
Should be able to pick up a second hand pair of Diors for that money with obscenely long leg
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16 Dec 2011 16:04

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18 Dec 2011 20:02
got a pair of nudie big bengts raw indigo in a w32 l36 barely worn that might be of interest to you mate
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20 Dec 2011 10:49
Cheers dudes. Think I'm going to give a pair of APCs a home if the End code is still on. If I want a slim but not skintight fit, should I be looking at going true size in the petite standard?

Mac: I tried a pair of Big Bengts a while back (34l mind) and they just hung a bit wrong on me. Ta for the offer though.
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20 Dec 2011 11:17
size down 1 or 2 on ps for slim fit I should say (they fit big in the waist + stretch)

See the denim thread