Random Fashion Questions: Jogging Bottoms

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15 Apr 2009 17:24
Ruben, still got the pic of you wearing them? Been on the hunt for the ultimate pair of trackies for ages!
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15 Apr 2009 17:28
I still want some of those MHI ones with the drawstrings on the hem.
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15 Apr 2009 19:04
JrdnNcks wrote: Stay away from the uniqlo ones, honestly… biggest mistake i've ever made, felt like hoolio in them, each hem was the same size as the waist, serious flaring going on
There is serious flaring but they are so comfortable and soft. They'd look shocking with any form of footwear, which is lucky I only wear them indoors.

JrdnNcks wrote: lounge in a pair of raws to get some sick fadez
Laughing out loud
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15 Apr 2009 19:42
I lounge in raws all the time.
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15 Apr 2009 19:49
Same here Laughing out loud
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15 Apr 2009 20:26
I used to but they're not as comfortable. Think I'll give up and buy some Nikes if I have no luck.
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16 Apr 2009 21:27
2925mark wrote: Ruben, still got the pic of you wearing them? Been on the hunt for the ultimate pair of trackies for ages!

Only just seen this mate, I'll do one at the weekend.
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16 Apr 2009 21:43
Thanks, Ruben. Appreciate it.
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16 Apr 2009 23:44
Got these a while back from some random seller on ebay. Shit pic but it's the only one I got with me wearing them, anyone seen anything similar about atm as I wouldn't mind another pair?

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16 Apr 2009 23:46
That pic's fucking shit.
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19 Apr 2009 18:18
candidate wrote: http://www.jdsports.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_10551__162642_-1_

i never find them too baggy tbh. if you want a slimmer pair the women's ones usually have darting and stuff. if they're just for the house then who cares whether they're women's aswell?

They're the kids ones.

I've got a black pair (not the kids ones LOL) and live in them.
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5 Nov 2011 20:04
I want a nice, slim, fashiony pair of joggers for not much money (not about to buy some geller ones or w/e), where to cop?
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5 Nov 2011 20:07
Bought a nice pair of flecked aubin&wills last week, check mrporter or their site
Noble Locks
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7 Nov 2011 14:23
joggers and redwing style boots is a sick look. only reason i dont rawk is the fucking pockets problems.
if they made all of them with zipped pockets it would be blinding.
someone should deffo do a range of luxury joggers that are practical for every day wear like jeans.
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7 Nov 2011 14:28
COS did some grey joggers with zipped pockets and a slim fit, they are sick. Wear them to the office with a grey blazer when I don't have any client facing meetings
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7 Nov 2011 14:29
the universal works climbing pants had buttons on the back pockets and would defo work for regular wear, size down imo, i'm looking for a pair at the moment

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7 Nov 2011 17:04
solution noble:

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7 Nov 2011 17:07
Pro club ones off ebay. Proper heavy weight and look cool with the cargo pockets. I live in them at home, perfect for chilling. I had a pair of the Universal Works but backed them, didn't like the fit and they were too flimsy.
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7 Nov 2011 17:12
Y3 did some nice "posh" jogging bottoms a while back, not cheap though.
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7 Nov 2011 17:15
The uniqlo ones any good?