Random Fashion Questions: Jogging Bottoms

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8 Oct 2014 19:14
noticed COS have a new cuffed jogger in store, very nice heavy substantial feel to it, only in grey and didn't have time to try on, but prob woulda copped if they had it in black.
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posted 4 Nov 2014 14:33, edited 4 Nov 2014 14:33
Muji has some decent cuffed jogging bottoms and sweats in light grey, charcoal, black or navy.
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4 Nov 2014 16:49
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4 Nov 2014 17:38
The publish ones are legacy jogger, a chino x jogger.
Got a pair for sale in that green size 32 if anyone is interested.
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4 Nov 2014 17:44
ive got the muji ones, there decent enough for knocking around the house and only £20 boys.
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4 Nov 2014 17:57
Cuffed joggers are done to death now, it's all about the uncuffed numbers.
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4 Nov 2014 17:59
Well not uncuffed as in those flared ones but normal elastic like this

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4 Nov 2014 18:50
01huba wrote: The publish ones are legacy jogger, a chino x jogger.
Got a pair for sale in that green size 32 if anyone is interested.

How much you asking for them?
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4 Nov 2014 19:58
I copped them gre COS at the weekend, well pleased
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2 Dec 2014 23:49
Bought a pair of the new Wallace & Barnes j crew ones from mr porter earlier (free same day delivery is great service). They're very good although could be a bit slimmer.
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9 Dec 2014 21:45
Anyone know anywhere that does a decent, non-sports brand sweatpant with a long (33ins) inside leg?

Cheers chaps.
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9 Dec 2014 21:54
Is this Publish Brand jogger sold anywhere in the EU? I always get hit by customs.
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18 Dec 2014 14:52
Nike Tech Fleece - what size do I want for 34" waist? Large?
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18 Dec 2014 15:13
Yep, they'll be spot on
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7 Feb 2015 12:16
anyone seen these in store, or are they still in store?
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12 Apr 2015 12:03
what's everyone going after atm?

tried the nike tech ones in a S (true 30) and they fit slightly tighter than what i was after… any recs? there are some ok ones in GAP atm but they're a bit slob-ish lol, after something a bit more heavyweight
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12 Apr 2015 12:07
silly money for sweatpants but the best I've seen so far.
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19 Apr 2015 10:40
for those interested, those uniqlo DRY joggers are great imo. nice jersey fabric (similar to nike tech), slightly looser than some of the other leggings on offer, and cheap as fuck
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20 May 2015 17:17
Looking for something similar to these in style/cut any suggestions?

carl lewis
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21 Jun 2015 10:44
Really impressed with the champion reserve weave and a steal at £19