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posted 1 May 2021 08:06, edited 1 May 2021 08:06
Yeah, I really like it. Something we knew we needed, but no-ones done it consistently till now. Much better concept than 'How much is what you're wearing?' that he used to do.

Find myself just letting YouTube roll with it.

I love how people embrace the whole got this from a charity shop etc

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1 May 2021 08:33
^ agree, found those (How much?) videos were a bit cringe and mean. The new ones are decent, really good mix of folk.
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1 May 2021 12:00
I think he seems to have ditched the hypebeast/supreme drop stuff.

I guess with covid on drops not happening maybe it's just going back to basics which is good.
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1 May 2021 12:04
Those How Much videos were a guilty pleasure but these are better, lot more variety (not enough R'n'R obv.) and a nice vibe to them.

So much of the fashion stuff on Youtube is dreadful only way is Essex type shite.

Be good if anyone has any suggestions for clothing related Youtubes.
Antwon is good for techwear and I like his videos. Watch Rope Dye but find him a bit annoying at times and I like the Iron Snail videos although he hasn't got much of a clue about clothing.
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posted 3 May 2021 04:56, edited 3 May 2021 04:56
Just listened to this morning's BBC 5 Live's Wake up to Money's segment of interviewing Millionaires under 30, and the Unknown Vlogs guy was on there Kofi McCalla, seems a nice lad.
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3 May 2021 07:37
Guys so nice. Wish he was ma pal. Nah not really he would do ma fucking nut in it he was ma pal. Good watch though.