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19 Jun 2006 15:10
the spookiest one was when my dad picked me up from uni on a tuesday for christmas holidays, and on the journey i told him keith chegwin 'performed' at our union the previous saturday. then about half an hour later we were in kfc at the services and who was sat down……keith chegwin
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19 Jun 2006 15:34
I met Dave Grohl once when i was walking around Manchester.
Really nice guy ! I was well suprised cos i thought he would be a Tit
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19 Jun 2006 17:38
FrIEND wrote:
28 Complaints wrote: I've interviewed Jake the Snake

Really? as in Jake the snake roberts? when and how comes? judging from "beyond the mat" he seems pretty messed up.

for a student newspaper. I asked him a couple of questions and he answered them with a 20 odd minute speel. Started talking about how he was the product of a rape, and all sorts.

Best quote though was when I said…

"Jake, you're one of the old skool"

He replied…

"I ain't old skool - I'm from the skool that burned down before they built the old skool" )8
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19 Jun 2006 17:43
ha ha - excellent quote.

im surprised he's still alive. from that film it seems things are pretty bad for him.
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19 Jun 2006 18:19

i've met kriss Akabusi. it was a great day.
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19 Jun 2006 18:29
i spotted the London Boys on the streets of edinburgh at the height of their Stock/Aitken/Waterman 80's fame. do i get a prize?

[size=30]!!!NO HOMO!!![/size]
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19 Jun 2006 20:29
i met rick stien in padstow.

i have a picture of me and James Martin somewhere, i'll have to dig that one out. he was very tall. but lovely.
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19 Jun 2006 20:37
Relfio wrote: i met rick stienquote]

love his show so much, would luv to go to his restraunt
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19 Jun 2006 20:40
Michael Caine in Harrods , reet old grumpy sod but maybe its cause I asked for an autograph , he said no ….
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19 Jun 2006 21:11
Jonny Greenwood early morning at the South Bank.

Boy George when I was manning the guest list of the dubiously named "World DJs Night" in the Fridge in Brixton 4 years ago.

I'm your friendly hedonistic loner.
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19 Jun 2006 22:15
I've met Guru from Gangstarr. He signed my copy of Full Clip.
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19 Jun 2006 22:19
met the White Stripes after a gig back when they were just getting big. they were a good laugh and signed my ticket
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19 Jun 2006 22:20
t_dot wrote:
Relfio wrote: i met rick stienquote]

love his show so much, would luv to go to his restraunt

fuck off Laughing out loud

i've been to his restaraunt thanks very much. very nice food.
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19 Jun 2006 23:00
I've been baby sat by one of wives / gfs of Pink Floyd. My parents knew quite a few of the band members, I was too young to remember though. I also know the drummer, Paul Cook, from the Sex Pistols as my mum is good mates with his wife (their daughter is fiineee!). Can't think of anything else, except that my step dad saw Jimmy Hendrix play live at some park in NY with only 10 other people or so.
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19 Jun 2006 23:07
I met U2 at my uncle's wedding (however, I was 2 years old Laughing out loud )
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20 Jun 2006 01:27
Tis still going on, mite add my 2cent.

Went to one of Stash (graffiti artist) exhibition. After the show met him, Futura and James Lavelle. One of Stash's mate had a bag of weed, so my mate asked the fella for some and grabbed a handful. Was a quality night of free drinks and weed!! Smiling

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20 Jun 2006 09:49
Seen K.Lawlers titties getting changed at Pacha.

Been to J.Olivers Birthday party as my mate who was d'jings guest.

Seen the England squad at The Grove just before they went to Portugal for pre world cup training

Seen Tim Lovejoy in the pub called Druids in Rickmansworth.
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20 Jun 2006 09:53
man I need to work in a phone shop Eye-wink
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20 Jun 2006 10:09
just got reminded of this one….i was having a piss at some a charty do in between bobby davro and the little ginger munchkin chef worral thomson (no homo)
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20 Jun 2006 10:09
Noble how the fuck do you know all these people and get invited to their parties? Do supply them with their jazz talc?