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10 Jun 2013 16:43
Laughing out loud
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10 Jun 2013 20:01
Was there a fuker on the bakerloo line tube today (got off Piccadilly circus) wearing a black flecked blazer and carrying a brown leather briefcase/satchel? Was wondering where the blazer was from if so! Smiling
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10 Jun 2013 20:08
popped in to the offices today

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11 Jun 2013 01:09
Duncan Bannatyne on guitar/harmonica. Sam Mendes right of shot Cool
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11 Jun 2013 02:03
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11 Jun 2013 02:14
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12 Jun 2013 08:02
At London City airport …David Dimbleby

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15 Jun 2013 15:41
Alway like to see a cunt incorrectly parked in a disabled bay get dealt with

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15 Jun 2013 16:06
i do that occasionally if im just popping into a shop for 3 minutes if there aren't spaces.
Id only park in a disabled spot if it was right at the front of the shop
so allow you mate

hate that to happen to me though so thanks for the realisation. I was wrong
unallow you mate x
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15 Jun 2013 16:51
Laughing out loud
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15 Jun 2013 16:57
Laughing out loud at the cunt videoing the thing on his iPad.

EDIT: Or is it? Puzzled
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15 Jun 2013 16:58
I thought he was at first too but zoomed in and it's just a phone. That said there's a worrying amount of cunts filming things on ipad these days so I hear you Laughing out loud
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16 Jun 2013 21:41
Mates just text me these from Queens

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16 Jun 2013 22:43
Weebarneyman wrote: Dave63 just in anthem, wearing yellow cons?

Yeah that was me
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20 Jun 2013 22:17
Took me by surprise there boogie! Laughing out loud
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20 Jun 2013 22:24
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20 Jun 2013 22:25
(No homo)
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21 Jun 2013 08:37
60three wrote:
Weebarneyman wrote: Dave63 just in anthem, wearing yellow cons?

Yeah that was me

Looked cool man Cool , was just leaving, but knew it was you
Shirt looked Ubercool

Nice wee store Anthem
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21 Jun 2013 17:40
(no homo) was definitely needed there Laughing out loud . Nowhere is safe in a city as small as this, good to see you again mate.
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22 Jun 2013 19:38
No pics but literally just seen Jerwayne (Omar) from Phoneshop walking down my road in Shepherds Bush. Incredibly seems more ghetto irl.