Random Fashion Questions: Knit/Sweater Recommendation Please

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26 May 2015 14:15

I've been lurking here a while, trying to improve my clothes

Hoping someone can tell me a good place to find some slim fit knits/sweaters?

I want solid crew necks in black and blue but can't find anything

The only one's I own are made by Tommy Hilfiger and Holister, trying to get away from those labels!
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26 May 2015 14:26
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26 May 2015 15:03
What sort of budget do you have?
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26 May 2015 17:52
Stone Island. Remove the badge if you don't like.
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posted 26 May 2015 19:05, edited 26 May 2015 19:05
Racing_santander wrote: Stone Island. Remove the badge if you don't like.

Or this
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26 May 2015 22:18
John Smedley
Alan Paine
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27 May 2015 06:56

20% off at the mo too I think
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27 May 2015 07:16
If money's no object, try Andersen-Andersen. I have a crewneck and it's built like a tank.
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28 May 2015 08:23
Cheers for the replies…not looking for 100 pound jumpers though. I want to buy a few around 40 or 50 quid, just want decent quality cotton in a slimish fit for work.

I had a look on uniqlo site but all light colours, having no luck finding any and don't want to resort to buying superdry!
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31 May 2015 10:42
Wait until the sales are in full flow. Sunspel is worth checking out.
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31 May 2015 11:07
There's a new brand, called Dumbzone. It's made for you, trust me.
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31 May 2015 11:29
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31 May 2015 20:42
do sunspel stuff hit the sales? i'm after something on the sunspel website
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1 Jun 2015 16:31
Yeah, used to get massively reduced, I remember picking up a T and long sleeve for a tender each a couple of years ago from their webstore. Reductions have never been that good since but they still do decent reductions come sale time. Worth keeping an eye on Mr Porter for Sunspel too, usually a decent reduction towards the end of the sale, particularly if you're a larger size.
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27 Jun 2015 13:35