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31 Mar 2008 12:32
Just seen the trailer for the Bangkok dangerous remake Sad also just found out a my sassy girl remake has finished filming Sad
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31 Mar 2008 19:55
anyone reccomend any decent kung fu movies
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1 Apr 2008 19:50
caught up with two really old films last nite..changing lanes and the hurricane. both well aiiight imo
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2 Apr 2008 11:56
Control last night from one of mobs specials. not for me, im afraid, dull and not really an insight into anything much imo.
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2 Apr 2008 12:02
Rush Hour 3- Shi-ite. Chan, get out while you still can.
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2 Apr 2008 12:27
The Air I Breathe - good cast, good movie i thought (if not a bit all over the place with the different stories). Brendan Fraser playing a serious role and did it pretty good!
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2 Apr 2008 12:58
V for Vendetta

pure rubbish, but i loved it.
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2 Apr 2008 13:05
Watched Wicker Park last night with Josh Hartnett. Once you twig whats going on the rest is pretty predictable. Wasnt bad though.
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2 Apr 2008 16:00
watched drillbit taylor an superhero movie other day. never watched it (some teen program with one fat kid in) but saw it start (so i turned over) but one of the bullies in drillbit taylor is the fat kid. he's lost shitloads of weight.
main guy in superhero movie is the other. some bits made me laugh.

anyone seen death defying acts? sounds good. its gonna be on at pics?
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2 Apr 2008 16:06
That show is Drake and Josh.
death defying acts is floating around as a screener
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2 Apr 2008 16:13
yeah, thats it. while watching that drillbit taylor the bully was bugging me. looks a bit like adrian grenier now.

then i clicked on imdb link for superhero movie an a pic of em both came up.

sounds good that death defying acts. try an see as much as i can at pictures but bugs me when things what i couldve seen dont end up coming out.

just watching love object at the moment.
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2 Apr 2008 16:15
Saw Death Defying Acts the other day, nothing special more of a love story than anything. Was a bit dissapointed to be honest.
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2 Apr 2008 16:17
oh, ok. cheers
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2 Apr 2008 16:31
Ddont get me wrong its worth a watch but I was expecting a kind of Prestige/Illusionist type of film with some sort of content on his magic/escapology but he only does one trick in the whole film and its nothing special. The film focuses on Houdini trying to find a pyschic (Catherine Zeta-Jones) to challenge and tell him his dead mothers last words for the sum of $10,000. You can pretty much guess the rest from there. Worth a watch but really nothing special, be interested to see what others think.
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2 Apr 2008 17:55
Cool Runnings

retro quality
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2 Apr 2008 19:15
michael clayton 7.5 - clooney is suprisingly good in this, tom wilkinson is better though
dirty harry 7.8 - harry is da boyyyy
cinderella man 8.3 - russel crowe is da boyyyy
sunshine 7.5 - visually stunning!
the usual suspects 8.1 - the ending…. oh my god

(yes student)
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2 Apr 2008 21:58
Planet Terror, actually really enjoyed it. Rose McGowan is almost too fit.

Bruce Willis is perfect for roles like this and Sin City. Heard Death Proof isn't anywhere near as good but I'm gonna give it a go after this. Don't think it'll have too much longevity tho.
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2 Apr 2008 22:06
Master and Commander- Quality
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2 Apr 2008 22:06
Monster's Ball. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like seeing a naked Halle Berry but it is a subtly nuanced, if rather depressing, film.

Very depressed that not only is Heath Ledger dead but also Peter Boyle who truly was a great actor (played Wizard in Taxi Driver).
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2 Apr 2008 23:55
coming to america on ITV2