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9 Oct 2011 05:46
downloading knuckle now, thanks.

on a adulthood/alien tip

probs gonna be popular in uk
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10 Oct 2011 06:10
Just seen 50/50, new one with Joseph Gordon-Levitt… thought it was brilliant, pretty sad but funny too. might be the best film i've seen all year. about his battle with a rare form of cancer.
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10 Oct 2011 21:35
Footloose, the remake. Utter shite.

I'm surprised they managed to cram that many clichés into it when it was already so full of shit. Someone expressed their anger through the medium of dance!

We had free tickets, but with hindsight I would've paid someone else to go. I considered blinding myself during it, but didn't as I had to drive home.

Luckily there was a huge queue at the deep-fried salt counter when I left in the middle of it to buy a drink, so I managed a 15 minute break from the tedium.

Plus there was an atrocious cover of Holding Out For A Hero, absolute sacrilege!

It's also gayer than Boy George giving George Michael and Elton John a ride in his inflatable dinghy.

Strangely quite a few good one-liners in it.
Noble Locks
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10 Oct 2011 21:57
Laughing out loud

got this out today, gonna kinda probs blates watch it later.
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11 Oct 2011 00:40
YLAup wrote: Melancholia. Gorgeous. Gorgeous Kirsten Dunst. Honestly the best thing I’ve seen this year.

just to provide balance - i thought this was the worst film ive seen ever, was actively trying to fall asleep and went to see it at an everyman so it cost a bomb too…

also, im not anti-arthouse generally; this was just shit
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11 Oct 2011 04:11
YLAup wrote: Melancholia. Gorgeous. Gorgeous Kirsten Dunst.
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11 Oct 2011 09:29
Tyrannosaur - PaddyPower Cool
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11 Oct 2011 15:27
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11 Oct 2011 16:13
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11 Oct 2011 22:44
Javier Bardem has been confirmed as the next bond villain Cool
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11 Oct 2011 22:54
diana frances spencer as new bond girl aswell i think.
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11 Oct 2011 23:15
Laughing out loud I Googled.
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12 Oct 2011 09:26
Rufio wrote: Laughing out loud I Googled.

Laughing out loud

Was just rumours until yesterday tho.
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12 Oct 2011 09:50
Tyrannosaur last night which was decent but bleak. Peter Mullan deserves the hype
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13 Oct 2011 11:43
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13 Oct 2011 12:42
Thor - wank … 4/10
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15 Oct 2011 07:22

it's online motherFUKERS
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15 Oct 2011 07:24
There is going to be so much hype for this movie, might as well start it on FUK.
Mr X
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15 Oct 2011 09:38
Here is the most ridiculous place to start any sort of hyping.
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15 Oct 2011 09:42
whats it about then?