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6 Apr 2017 10:19
Loved Get Out
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posted 9 Apr 2017 22:02, edited 9 Apr 2017 22:02
Rogue One - The best star wars movie since the Original Trilogy

When the story and (ridiculously artificially diverse) characters were weak and unappealing (often) the costume designs kept me entertained. Small details like the giant sloth creature ammo carrier cameo in the city battle, some of the real FX monsters walking around were really good.

Was good to see a space battle with seamless effects although I still knew I was watching CGI and I just don't think it can ever reach the peak of space FX which was probably still 2001 in 1968. Sure to do the battle using large sets and models would cost billions but I don't care, do it. You'll probably still make a profit.

The new ship designs were extremely weak. Just flat and boring, didn't fit in with the old designs well at all. eg the older imperial shuttle - shoulda just used the original (although you can see one at the end of the movie), that gunship/troop carrier at the end (monkey door gunner was cool) looked so unimaginative compared to the original ships.

The battle for the beach was dissapointing. Nothing on the epic feel of Hoth or even Endor. You had all the elements but then the Rebels just sat behind crates most of the time like they were in a game of paintball. The battlefield basically looked like a paintball field too. I hate paintball.

Darth was so awesome at the end.

Cut and paste Leia looked weird.
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10 Apr 2017 10:35
MLI wrote: Cut and paste Leia looked weird.

Finally something I agree with you on.
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11 Apr 2017 07:32
I read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? last week and decided to re-watch Blade Runner, which I now discovered is being released again as BR 2049. It was also a coincidence that I happen to watch on 10th April 2017 or maybe not, probably planted in my subconsciousness by FB news.

I think I've started to watch Blade Runner 5 times before and fallen asleep every time, this time I managed all the way through. I also had the 4 CD PC game in '97…. which was a 15 or 18 but they still sold it to me despite being underage - epic game!
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11 Apr 2017 07:59
the pc game was amazing, hard as fuck
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11 Apr 2017 22:24
Just seen The Void. Good to see some good old fashioned gore back…
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12 Apr 2017 07:32
The Handmaiden - amazing and practically porn
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12 Apr 2017 08:27
anyone seen Raw yet? Worth the hype?
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12 Apr 2017 10:14
Looks spicy that
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12 Apr 2017 11:41
I saw Son of Saul the other night. Brutal, intense, powerful, moving etc etc. It's amazing.