General Discussion: Last film you saw?

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11 Feb 2020 07:57
Parasite is great! loved the characters and funny too !

not a token win
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11 Feb 2020 08:12
Parasite is fantastic and deserves the win but I get the impression that the academy wanted to break the 'first foreign film to win best picture' thing, and Roma clearly would've done that last year by winning if it wasn't released on Netflix. Roma is outrageously good, and Green Book winning it was someone clearly having a laugh. Not that Parasite wasn't a worthy winner, but Roma deserved the first foreign language best picture much, much more. You only need to look at the failures of films nominated that were released on Netflix to see that there is still beef there.
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11 Feb 2020 10:29
I haven't seen it so could be wrong, but it is the sort of thing the Academy would do.
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11 Feb 2020 10:37
Well Koreans are clearly not white, less white than Mexicans. So obvious choice.
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15 Feb 2020 06:50
12 Strong. Amazing that it’s a true story. Decent action. Glad I watched.
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15 Feb 2020 21:51
Knives Out - absolutely… fine.

The Lighthouse - gripping stuff, some of the Dafoe monologues were incredible. The Greek mythology shot at the end made me smile. Still think R Pattz acts like he’s acting in everything that he’s in.
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16 Feb 2020 23:19
21 bridges, enjoyable corrupt cop thriller
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17 Feb 2020 05:49
Paradise Beach. Probably the worst film I’ve ever watched.
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17 Feb 2020 06:10
Can't be worse than Sonic the Hedgehog. Got dragged to it by my kids and it's apocalypticlly bad.
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17 Feb 2020 08:21
Did the kids like it though?