General Discussion: Last film you saw?

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16 Nov 2011 12:54
New thread, old one archived here.
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20 Nov 2011 14:28
Coming in Jan 2012 apparently. Looks Good…

Harrelson's such a cool fucker (no homo).
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24 Nov 2011 16:26
watched 50/50 last night, thought it was really good. pretty funny but also a few moments which were quite moving. good film.
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24 Nov 2011 19:37
Stuck round a birds house the other day watching Bridesmaids, wanted to kill myself, avoid like the plague!
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25 Nov 2011 10:50
is that demons never die/suicide kids anywhere to download? i know its probably wank, just want to see how wank.

on fileserve etc
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25 Nov 2011 11:14
immortals yesterday in cinema.. i liked it mickey rourke is awesome.. the end was kidna stupid… had much more potential
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25 Nov 2011 11:22
anyone seen "in time"? im seeing it tonight
carl lewis
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25 Nov 2011 11:24
Yeah really good.
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25 Nov 2011 12:16
Terrible IMO, awful dialogue, wooden acting and a comedy car crash. Only saving grace for me was Seyfried looking good but I still found myself wanting to walk out. Oh and Pettyfer is such a tool in it.

Coincidentally watched two films with Jessica Chastain and Sam Worthington in this week.

Texas Killing Fields - Didn't enjoy this and Im a fan of serial killer films. No real profile on the killer or detail and some silly side plot which makes no sense at all. Just felt like all the characters did was argue and there was no real detail on the killings or the victims to attach to. Was hoping it was going to kick in and get good but never happened. Very disappointing.

The Debt - Total opposite to TKF, was drawn in straight away and for the entire film. Strong cast well acted and good story. Recommend.
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25 Nov 2011 12:19
Watched 50/50 last night, great film.

Got Beats Ryhmes and Life to watch aswell Smiling
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28 Nov 2011 16:45
Never let me go - a nice film …7/10

are there any decent copies of 50/50 online anywhere?
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28 Nov 2011 16:52
In the last few weeks seen the black wuthering heights, very good but a bit overworked and the cinematography gets a bit annoying by the end, all those blurred shots and misty views of dales.
Rum diaries: silly but enjoyable, I like Depp's Hunter S Thompson voice/act, did lack substance though.

Going to see black power mixtape on wednesday Cool

Anything else good out at the moment? Anyone seen Deep Blue Sea?
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28 Nov 2011 16:55
^ I thought the cinematography was class, the end when the modern song kicked in spoiled it for me though
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28 Nov 2011 16:57
Yeah modern song was a big mistake, the cinematography is great but I just found that by the end I was feeling fed up with shots of raindrops on windowpanes etc Laughing out loud
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28 Nov 2011 16:58
Saw Wuthering Heights yesterday too. Kinda agree. Too long as well to just concentrate on the love story aspect and not really go into the revenge side of things as much. Decent nonethelesss.

Heard good things about Snowtown Duff, but meant to be very intense
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28 Nov 2011 22:17
The Thing

Was OK worth waqtching. Very much a homage to the Carpenter version and liked the inclusion of some of the old music but is actually a prequel not a remake. Some good effects and some that look a bit off. Doesnt really capture the tension of the Carpenter one, but that is one of my fav films.
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28 Nov 2011 22:19
Glad its a prequel rather than a remake, as theres no way it would live up to the original.
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28 Nov 2011 22:30
you downloaded the thing (even though original is one of your favourites)?
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28 Nov 2011 22:53
The female lead feels like a sell out so not sure I'll be able to watch it.
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28 Nov 2011 22:58
DuffMan wrote: Going to see black power mixtape on wednesday Cool

Is that The Black Panther one? Really want to see that