General Discussion: Last film you saw?

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12 Jan 2012 04:38
Started privitisation, reduced spending on healthcare, education and low-income support. Supported and helped Bush into the middle east. Opposed trade unions and made them what they are today, then closed down the mines. She was also a fucking racist (pro apartheid, way she dealt with NI)
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12 Jan 2012 09:46
Whole can of worms there sayword

I will not be seeing the thatcher film. I do wonder if pinochet appears at all though
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12 Jan 2012 15:58
Dirty Pretty Things, had to watch it for a uni module and it took me by surprise. brilliant british film directed by Stephen Frears (2001)


The Edge of Heaven (Auf der anderen seite) Fatih Akin (2007) German film again watched for a uni module. it's similar in style to Babel, just a thousand times better.

highly recommended.
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12 Jan 2012 22:33
Like the look of this.
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12 Jan 2012 22:58
The Change-Up
The Inbetweeners Movie

Fucking hell
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12 Jan 2012 23:05
^Got the Inbetweeners movie sat beside my TV stand. Is it even worth the effort to get up from the sofa to put it in my player?
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13 Jan 2012 00:08
no, it's awful. is the change-up shit too then?
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13 Jan 2012 00:21
I enjoyed change up, it's not a genius film or anything, just a usual "bodyswap comedy"
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13 Jan 2012 00:48
Anyone seen 'Take Shelter'? Download links are all fake
Jake Unkutt
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13 Jan 2012 09:42
I thought the inbewteeners was pretty funny actually,,,wasnt even that into the series either,,not bad for a hangover afternoon watch
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13 Jan 2012 11:24
Started watching the adjustment bureau last night but turned it off, couldn't help feel that it has already been done in different veins (the quote on the box calls it inception meets borne)
carl lewis
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13 Jan 2012 13:52
Yeah agreed EDW
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13 Jan 2012 20:35
Its got mixed reviews in the press but I though Shame was brilliant. Strange watching the premiere early afternoon as its fairly sexy, and I had an elderly lady sat just over from me. Cinematography, music, directing is outstanding, really got under the skin of sex addiction, I think.
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14 Jan 2012 00:14
Drive…. finally! Way late but Ubercool
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14 Jan 2012 11:18
watched albatross last night. only watched it for jessica brown findlay really. she's very attractive.

just watched 'needle'. didnt pay too much attention.

got something called 'killer movie' to watch later. some quite famous people in it so might not be too bad.
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14 Jan 2012 12:21
Primer. Serious headfuck. I thought it was great though. If you struggled with Inception, don't bother Laughing out loud
Has a Memento/Pi 'keep uo at the back' kind of vibe.
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14 Jan 2012 15:26
Ip man 2 - just great!
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14 Jan 2012 18:07
is my week with marilyn out to download yet?
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14 Jan 2012 18:16
nah not seen it.

Anyone seen any of the paradise lost docs? Worth watching?
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14 Jan 2012 23:32
a few weeks later than everyone else, but Kill List - yeh, a tad mental