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10 Jan 2014 23:12
Wolf on Wall Street was good. The drug scenes were funny.

Some slapstick comedy which wasn't needed though.

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10 Jan 2014 23:14
thought wolf of wall street was decent too, lemon scene was fucking funny
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11 Jan 2014 08:16
Gave Mitty a go despite not being a fan of Stiller - thought it was at best average. At worst it was predictable, pedestrian and shite. Just wanna punch Stiller in the face every time I see him especially when he puts on that soft, innocent, look that is his go to expression every 5 fucking minutes in every film that I've ever seen him in. Cunt.

'Lone Survivor' was worth a watch. Wasn't aware of Pashtunwali prior to watching (specifically Nanawatai) so as well as being a decent flick it was quite thought provoking/informative too.
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11 Jan 2014 09:47
American Hustle. Sucks you in right from the start, totally reminds you of boogie nights with the attention to detail costumes and constant use of well chosen music, Christian Bale under acting bobby de Niro off the screen is something I never thought I'd see so bonus, a critiscm would be below the surface there is nothing at all but what fucking surface! I'm sure you'll see it on most peoples 2014 top ten lists, reccomended.
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11 Jan 2014 14:41
Anyone seen 'Her' yet? Looks interesting.

Phoenix has got a straight up Thomas Magnum vibe going on.
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11 Jan 2014 14:43
i didn't like it, got bored with it.
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11 Jan 2014 14:46
Thanks, MoB. Got it on the d/l now - might check it out when all the other screeners have dried up.
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11 Jan 2014 21:30
The Wolf of Wall Street - crude, crass, bit cringe in parts. Some funny moments.

Dallas Buyers Club - 12 years a slave was depressing in a good way whereas this deals with tragedy in a different way. I genuinely believe Matthew McConaughey has AIDS which is great and Jared Leto the tranny is also good acting. As a viewer I could not give a shit about either though whereas Soloman Northup/Platt nearly made me want to cry.
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11 Jan 2014 21:35
american hustle was good, enjoyed class of '92 as well.
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12 Jan 2014 10:00
watched walter mitty the other day. didn't think much to the first half or so of the film, but second half it really picked up and totally won me over (plus the film looks superb, especially the landscape shots of iceland). nice story, with a great message told in a pretty moving and inspiring way.
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12 Jan 2014 11:11
Dallas buyers club or american for a sunday?
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12 Jan 2014 21:40
Wolf of Wall Street was great, long but as others said nice to expand on certain scenes.

Drug scene was Laughing out loud
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12 Jan 2014 21:41
Insidious 2 - Utter shite
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12 Jan 2014 21:50
Love the way dicaprio just walks past birds and grabs their tits and squeezes them in wolf of wall street
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12 Jan 2014 22:04
Watched The Master again which was brilliant, enjoyed it far more than the first time although I really don't like the wall to window scenes, they makes me feel uneasy and I'm not sure why. Phoenix is great, PSH too and both of them work really well together. Cinematography is lovely too.

Killer Joe again, dodgy ending didn't get any better the second time round but good nonetheless. Matthew Mcconaughey and the actress who plays the young girl were good.

Fruitvale Station. Aside from the subject matter I thought it was pretty shit, acting wasn't great and there's no need to make a film about it anyway. There's not much of a story there aside from the actual event which as it's already well documented it should have been left alone IMO.

American Hustle, really enjoyed it and it's pretty funny too. But like someone else said, there's not much under the stylized surface.

I Heart Huckabees, was OK, thought it was going to be a bit more serious in terms of philosophy anyway.

Desolation of Smaug. Everything you'd expect, enjoyed it a lot more than the first part. The barrel/river battle scene was entertaining. Wasn't expecting the dragon to talk though Puzzled
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12 Jan 2014 22:46
Is everyone watching downloads cause obviously it changes the experience

American hustle - watched download and it was better than expected . Casino esque I thought. Amy Adams is in errrrryting at the mo….still wrong for Louis Lane though unless Clark was older too.

Saving Wolf and Mitty for cinema (if I can be bothered to go twice whilst they're both out)
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12 Jan 2014 23:38
Wouldn't go cinema for wolf - it drags
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13 Jan 2014 09:23
New trailer

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13 Jan 2014 09:32
Mandela - Pretty good performance from idris elba, although the size of him was quite hard to ignore, particularly in his latter years. The exposure of his early life was quite good to see.

The Selfish Giant - Really enjoyed this from start to finish. Shot very well with some hard to watch scenes. Definitely looking forward to more films from the director.
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13 Jan 2014 10:35
Phikz - think ending makes much more sense when you consider Killer Joe was originally a play.