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carl lewis
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16 Feb 2012 17:24
Man on a ledge decent enough, ok to take a Doris to on a Saturday night before raving, otherwise a download job.

Dickie it that bad?
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16 Feb 2012 19:03
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16 Feb 2012 22:36
Any decent "the grey" torrents about anyone seen? Thanks
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16 Feb 2012 23:11
Drive. Cool

The lives of others. Excellent film, one of the best films ive seen in a long time!
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17 Feb 2012 00:07
Midnight in Paris…. said it before, i'll state again for the record, Marion Cotilliard is hotter than the sun
the films ok aswell
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17 Feb 2012 00:09
Announced today. Criterion La Haine + Malkovich Blu … can't wait.

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17 Feb 2012 01:52
Notre jour viendra… Vincent Cassel is brutal.
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17 Feb 2012 03:41
watched drive after hearing bare hype about it, and it was terrible, for the first 10 mins i thought i was going to love it but then it just went nowhere and tried so hard to be cool (violence etc) was so cringe-worthy.

saw milk for the first time the other night, i aint no chi chi man but i loved it, sean penn is amazing in it.
Hello World
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17 Feb 2012 08:23
Blue velvet
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17 Feb 2012 09:20
beyond the black rainbow

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17 Feb 2012 09:33
tower heist - boring and shitty
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17 Feb 2012 09:35
carl lewis wrote: Man on a ledge decent enough, ok to take a Doris to on a Saturday night before raving, otherwise a download job.

Dickie it that bad?
carl lewis
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17 Feb 2012 09:53
Saw it last night, it's average!
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17 Feb 2012 10:10
Drive - i enjoyed it and the 80's ness
Beginners - well acted i thought, i like that melanie laurent from inglorious basterds
Shame - had high hopes but was a bit disappointed, fassbender and mulligan good but did not really challenge the issues/stereotypes, just not much to it for me
Perfect Sense - was decent, interesting idea…
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19 Feb 2012 13:18
watched the muppets this morning, bloody loved it.
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19 Feb 2012 13:49
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19 Feb 2012 13:51
joeyjojo wrote: scooter?
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19 Feb 2012 14:11
FrIEND wrote: beyond the black rainbow

just newsgrouped this, thanks for all the help walnuts been downloading like crazy.

been wanting to see this for a min. I'm pretty sure the movie will be all over the place so mostly watching 4 the visuals. does it require subs?
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19 Feb 2012 14:21
Moneyball, wasn't expecting it to be that good, pitt was amazing in it, seriously feel good movie, after something to D/l to watch tonight, any suggestions? links?

seen recently ,miss bala, dragon tattoo,man from nowhere,real steel Laughing out loud
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19 Feb 2012 14:26
Watched Crazy Stupid Love last night, expecting it to be horseshit after the trailers were forced down my neck in the few months leading up to it's release. Actually was pretty decent and funny.

Also caught Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close on Friday. Loved it, didn't drag and the storyline is great.

Muppets tonight.