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17 Dec 2015 22:56
Star wars was alright, they shouldn't have made it a musical.
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18 Dec 2015 00:37
Star Wars was amazing, probably nostalgia playing a huge factor but its a lovely continuation of the original triliogy
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18 Dec 2015 08:11
Loved TFA - Did feel like a Star Wars movie. The real effects made a big Difference.
The Nostalgia actually started to detract from the film - Too many nods to 4,5,6.
Really enjoyed all the new cast (although i wast overly keen on SERKIS CG character).
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18 Dec 2015 10:45
Saw Star Wars. It's not genius, but it's a proper Star Wars movie. If you like Star Wars you must def see it. Only thing I didn't like was that they incorporated too many of the old elements and scenes.
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18 Dec 2015 11:03
I want to see it at an imax but that looks pretty impossible for a good while

Really looking forward to the Revenant and Hateful Eight (seems weird that they're releasing so close together though), would like to see the latter in 70mm too
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18 Dec 2015 11:09
You should really watch it in IMAX. I watched it with colleagues non IMAX, because the IMAX cinema is very far from work, but I might watch it again in IMAX. I think it'd really add entertainment value for this movie.
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18 Dec 2015 11:13
I fucking hate 3d though
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18 Dec 2015 11:47
I've booked at IMAX, always been underwhelmed by IMAX and XPlus, like you can barely tell the difference but going to a different IMAX this time.

Every single review I've read has said the same thing. It's very good but somewhat flawed, it's feels like star wars of old, CGI characters stand out like a sore thumb, a little too much comedy, too many references to original trilogy, paced a bit too fast.

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posted 18 Dec 2015 16:25, edited 18 Dec 2015 16:25
So many characters with one or two lines; loose threads that will be picked up in the spin offs and sequels. But to have the two characters from 'the raid' and not have them fight anything sucked.

(advanced screening) Room- One of the few films in memory that made me catch feelings. People might find the kids soliloquies grating but I do kind of remember having such a simplistic view of the world as a child.
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posted 19 Dec 2015 01:05, edited 19 Dec 2015 01:05
Mix of CGI and real effects in TFA was jarring. the CGI Falcon and Xwings and that old asian lady looked wrong. And wondering how she's got a real arm but a CGI cartoon face? And why are most of the other aliens in the bar old school muppets but she's not? OG Yoda wasn't good enough? Why couldn't they make a muppet old lady likeable then? And how come the Xwings looked way better and realer on the ground that in the air? Same for the Falcon. It's like when they took off they turned into computers. So dumb. The TIE fighter in space was probably the only ship effect that matched the original large scale models on wires for some reason. The TIE in the hangar was the best scene I thought, almost all real I think.

A lot of plot elements were retreaded as "homages" and fan service I guess. You're always going "oh yeah, this is supposed to be that scene in OT" - weak

Old Han Solo was a bit sad too..dumb

I guess the new actors were better than the last 3 debacles.

The best things were the crashed star destroyer and the pilots faces in the final "trench run", fat beard guy, asian lady, weird alien.. nice and varied and "fanservice" but I love that shit.

Everyone said Phantom Menace was great for the first few days of release as well. People are already saying this is better than VI or even IV. Ah sorry, nah, the space battle in VI alone trumps the whole of The Force Annoys
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posted 19 Dec 2015 03:12, edited 19 Dec 2015 03:12
Just seen it on IMAX, best IMAX experience I've had, tiny theatre huge screen(Bradford) but you can tell it wasn't made for 3D. I found the 3D distracting, it takes your eyes ages to get used to it and even then it can still be blurry.

Movie was hit and miss for me. Overall very enjoyable and a million times better than the prequels but there's just too much been crammed into it. Too many characters, too much going on. Initial thoughts:

- All the performances were great, Daisy Ridley especially and she's looks super hot imo
- Kylo Ren is awesome but I didn't understand some of the choices they made with the character toward the end.
- Some stand out scenes
- When han and chewie showed up, the movie got very Guardians of the Galaxy.
- Can't fault Harrison Ford's performance but the character is not the same with him being old.
- Princess Leya's can't move her face
- You could edit the movie slightly and it would be a remake of a new hope, should have tried harder with the plot.
- The Force can be picked up pretty easily all of a sudden
- Andy Serkis character didn't really win me over
- It feels like Star Wars at times, not at other times.
- The real sets and puppets were perfect, the CGI characters weren't.
- Some of the CGI set pieces, massive planet explosions etc etc are just too OTT for me, seen them before a thousand movies, would rather they toned it down. Seeing the Millennium Falcon crash through some trees and then balance on the edge of a cliff just didn't seem fitting.
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19 Dec 2015 11:09
Think the Force being picked up so easily is a potential spoiler for future films. Really enjoyed the movie, but reminded me of Abrams Star Trek which was a hell of a lot of fun, but you could tear it apart story-wise once the buzz had worn off. I did really like the characters though. Actors did a great job of making them click so quickly. Especially liked Kylo Ren's voice (probably in the minority there) and there was some great moments considering how bleeding fast it all went by.
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19 Dec 2015 11:47
I thought it was amazing!!

All the main actors were perfect, agree it did remind me of Guardians once chewie & solo appeared, wasn't a bad thing though. Kylo Ren was defo my highlight..didn't get see enough of snoke to judge him, daisy ridley is hot and leia looks like a dirty feminist lesbo

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posted 19 Dec 2015 14:56, edited 19 Dec 2015 14:56
Why did they have a large Gollum in TFA? Does Leia have false teeth?
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19 Dec 2015 16:03
Wrong thread but good rips of Sicario (HD) up now
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19 Dec 2015 20:11
TFA was class, pure nostalgia and a lot of fun
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19 Dec 2015 21:28
m15try wrote: TFA was class, pure nostalgia and a lot of fun


I also went to the Curzon @ Brunswick for the first time - great cinema with great design really tying in with it's brutalist surroundings
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19 Dec 2015 21:39
Thought the plot was a lazy rip off from a new hope which was a little disappointing really. Still enjoyed the film but was hoping for something a bit different.

Thought there was too much cheese/comedy and as someone above said the use of the Force was picked up far too quickly for my liking.
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20 Dec 2015 18:04
A lot of screeners have leaked.
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22 Dec 2015 01:51
An hour into Hateful Eight. Massive Tarantino fan, almost everything he's done has grabbed my full attention from the first scene but this so far is a massive disappointment.