General Discussion: Last film you saw?

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13 Jan 2016 12:11
Definitely Revenant
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13 Jan 2016 12:23
Star Wars - 10/10
Revenant - 9/10
Carol - 8/10
Room - 4/10
Hateful 8 - just awful 2/10
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13 Jan 2016 16:13
Black Mass - Enjoyed it, Depp was awesome. Wish he would take on more roles like this instead of all the stupid fantasy tim burton type stuff.
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13 Jan 2016 16:19
Wasn't biggest fan of hateful eight either! Went on too long and got ridiculous towards the end…Still haven't seen black mass! Need to check that
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13 Jan 2016 16:34
Hateful Eight is good if you take it for what it's meant to be. A stage play set on film. The slow burning tension that builds up towards the end is engaging but overall the whole film is too long. Not his best work but not his worst either. 6/10 for me.

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13 Jan 2016 16:36
danish girl - 8/10
carl lewis
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13 Jan 2016 19:38
Joy - Good weekday evening film if you got nothing else going on
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13 Jan 2016 21:55
Hateful Eight. Loved it. Slow burner that pays off although I probably wouldn't watch it again which is my biggest problem with his later work.
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posted 14 Jan 2016 13:03, edited 14 Jan 2016 13:03
It didn't feel that slow to me only at the end. Once you find out who did what halfway through the film is over.
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14 Jan 2016 15:25
Hateful eight was pretty poor, 3 hours long, 2 locations, the cart and that inn, Handful of characters too. Without Samuel Jackson it would be unwatchable.

Plus the ending was shit.
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14 Jan 2016 15:37
There is a version with an intermission about 2 hours in. Any one see that one, was it still too long?
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14 Jan 2016 15:39
hateful 8 very poor, was building up nicely then lost its way big time
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14 Jan 2016 15:50
I'm going to see it in 70mm tonight which will the be the intermission version I think - I'm quite looking forward to it, don't mind it being long
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14 Jan 2016 17:50
Really isn't worth the watch. No story, just seems like an excuse for people to show off infront of each other in a room.
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14 Jan 2016 17:53
Revved to see The Revenant in the cinema. Definitely a cinema film not going to waste it by watching a crappy screener.
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14 Jan 2016 17:59
Tbf pretty good screener! And it didn't bother me! Would prob rather watch in home
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14 Jan 2016 18:13
I managed to get a very good screener also, quality was just like i popped in a blu ray DVD
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14 Jan 2016 18:22
Furry Muff. Still reckon its best watched at the flicks! That cinematography.
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14 Jan 2016 18:33
2016 in films looks good after a dreadful 2015, see here…

Oh and no good (hd) rips of the revenant are available, they look shit on my 27 inch imac so can only assume people are watching on phones or ipads, wait for cinema or blu ray rips ftw.
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posted 14 Jan 2016 18:37, edited 14 Jan 2016 18:37
The Hateful Eight . A snowy snowed in western, QT back to his top game, some people have said the repeated face punching of Domergue was misogynistic but thats bullshit, its because shes an evil little cunt and deserves it, great film apart from Magic fucking Mike doing his best to derail proceedings as always, recomended.