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10 Mar 2017 12:22
RickRude wrote: have you watched "The Take" @ Mob

Yeah, again very good in it. I'm a big fan of Hardy.
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10 Mar 2017 12:42
TIMDOT wrote: Logan- Best film of the franchise. It starts with a brutal fight scene, the rest of the film kept that brutality. Far from boring.

Train to Busan- Clear cut dynamics and commentary in a novel setting. Achieved some really tense and surprising moments.

American Beauty- Didn't like it. I had a similar disconnect with Donnie Darko. How can you connect with several characters internal strife's when their external world feels imaginary? Definitely not through being pretentious and twee.
I need to visit one of these picket white fence places to see if they actually exist.

….Picket white fences! mate in DC just sent this mail…

"Life in DC - just out for walk with Rosie - Other side of their street walking the baby Ivanka and Jared, also Pences's Beast driven past at hight Speed most nights"

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posted 11 Mar 2017 10:31, edited 11 Mar 2017 10:31
TIMDOT wrote: Hacksaw Ridge- Hugo Weaving and the action sequences were really good. Hard to think of other praises for it. Very cliche, maybe revisionist.

12,500 Americans were killed in action on Okinawa, about 100,000 Japanese soldiers. How do you think they died? Natural causes?

I just saw Hacksaw and nobody except left wing hippy fucking retards like even try to dispute that that shit happened.

There's a reason my Grandfather hated the Japanese until he died. He fought em in Bogainville in 1945, wouldn't speak to me after I went and studied in Japan.

THey WERE actually not afraid of death, a truly formidable enemy but soldiers and Marines from the US put steel on steel and went toe to toe with that enemy, proving American exceptionalism yet again. US Army troops cowered on the Kokoda trail and Australians did the fighting, then again some Australian militia ran in the face of elite Japanese Marines banzai charging their positions on Kokoda. It all comes down to having balls. Some troops, Australian and American just had balls and stood up to the Japanese, and defeated them, but it was bloody.

The British? They cut and run, left Australia to burn in 1942, fair enough, they had their own fight but the stopping and rollback of the Japanese came from big ball motherfuckers who went into hand to hand and close quarters battle to defeat a fanatical enemy.

You or I probably wouldn't have the balls but at least show some respect to those that did. American taxes and blood basically gave you the freedom and relative wealth you and I now enjoy.
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11 Mar 2017 10:41
Logan - Loved it. Kept forgetting it was a Marvel movie. Wouldn't surprise me if Keen gets an Oscar nom.
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12 Mar 2017 01:35
L.A. Confidential on iPlayer for a week. A stonewall classic Ubercool
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posted 19 Mar 2017 19:27, edited 19 Mar 2017 19:27
Bad Boys (Sean Penn)
Carlito's Way - still great. Sean Penn is hilarious.
Menace II Society. Alright but prefered Boyz N The Hood.
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19 Mar 2017 19:34
Back to F-bender, the world seems to have forgotten the domestic violence and abuse from 2010..
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19 Mar 2017 19:50
Rogue One - really disappointed. The CGI was dodgy and Tarkin and Vader didn't even sound like either of them.
I sure Coogan or Rory Bremner couldve got Cushings voice right.
Did Earl Jones do Vaders voice? Weird all round and I didn't like the film overall.

Patriots Day a let down after enjoying Deepeater Horizon.

I need a film to blow me away. It's not happened for a long time.
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19 Mar 2017 20:24
Deepwater Horizon was so bad.
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19 Mar 2017 20:31
I enjoyed it maybe because I expected it to be so bad.
It wasn't the explosion and fx. I can take the shit with a pinch of salt but the tension in the lead up was quite good.
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19 Mar 2017 21:20
Rogue One was shit - also that nutty Aussie bloke is in every film now. Star Wars film With no Jedi's
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posted 21 Mar 2017 06:17, edited 21 Mar 2017 06:17
smith wrote: L.A. Confidential on iPlayer for a week. A stonewall classic Ubercool

What's a stonewall classic?

Bad Santa 2. It was okay, opening scene was probably the best part of the whole movie though. Thurman Murman as an adult was pretty funny, actually the same guy.
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21 Mar 2017 08:43
Rogue One actually as well for me and I saw it not to long after release but have been watching more TV shoes lately.

Like those above I'd agree it was meh at best.
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22 Mar 2017 19:20
Very sad when hiroki died in life
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27 Mar 2017 19:08
Any decent screeners leaked recently ? Get out, beauty and the beast etc ?
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posted 27 Mar 2017 19:18, edited 27 Mar 2017 19:18
The Great Wall, bloody awful, Matt Damons worst film for sure, puts on some shoddy Irish/Scottish accent type thing and even Willem Dafoe is in it?! How'd they manage to get Damon and Dafoe to do a film like this?
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27 Mar 2017 20:02
caol87 wrote: The Great Wall, bloody awful, Matt Damons worst film for sure, puts on some shoddy Irish/Scottish accent type thing and even Willem Dafoe is in it?! How'd they manage to get Damon and Defoe to do a film like this?

Loads of chinese money i assume!
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28 Mar 2017 11:11
Zhang Yimou already worked with Christian Bale and it didn't suck, not sure what happened this time around
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30 Mar 2017 20:07
Moonlight . Properly cinematic film, tone, mood, aesthetics and music are excellent, in the age of the death of cinema this movie stands out.
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30 Mar 2017 20:15
moonlight was tip top