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17 Dec 2017 09:10
Those darn sjws ruining star wars! Bet it was (((George Soros))) funding it all!

Mil you need to log off mate it's isolating you even more.
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posted 17 Dec 2017 09:20, edited 17 Dec 2017 09:20
You're a retard, I'm not the only one that noticed the ridiculous PC public service announcement that was this piece of shit movie.

Movies supposed to be about enjoying yourself not getting pissed off coz someone is trying to tell you you somehow need to feel guilty for liking male characters in the previous movies.
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posted 17 Dec 2017 09:36, edited 17 Dec 2017 09:36
You're in a cult of one, and it's dead tragic mate. Log off!

You're swallowing all this reactionary shit that's only purpose is to grift lonely unsexed failsons and acting like it makes you enlightened.
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posted 17 Dec 2017 09:58, edited 17 Dec 2017 09:58
He’s got a point but I don’t think the purpose is political it’s just make even more money for the studio who need to claw back all that $$ they paid Lucas.

Anyone remember the trilogy game from early 2000s? A mate was obsessed with it, spent so many hours in the arcades playing that, time crisis and house of the dead.
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17 Dec 2017 10:32
MLI wrote: Kids today don't know shit Padawan. If you showed them a CGI retarded monkey taking a dump they'd think it was a cinema masterpiece.

It was kind of refreshing for a while to see a white female character who was incompetent and bad at her job for a change…but no she actually turns to be the most good and noble woman in the universe…I guess there was one bad woman in the whole movie (black Stormtrooper's old boss) but aside from that they were all awesome and all the men were evil, ugly or dumb and cartoonish. Payback by women's lobby for percieved injustice in hollywood? It was so blatant. Just make a f***ing movie, why be political with Star Wars? Felt so preachy.

Oh and 2017 CGI next to costumes and real sets STILL looks as out of place as it did in 1997.

Best shots in the whole movie: 1. When the camera flies over the Casino interior at the start of that scene (Did I see Howard the Duck?). All costumes, all creative monster designs, NO CGI. 2. The AT-ATs standing with the sunset behind. Must have been real models.

Hyperspace ramming was something epic and big for Star Wars, felt like something out of Gunbuster.

The imperial (first order? who cares?) ironing boards were a reference to the Hardware Wars shorts I used to watch on TV in the 1980s?

So the movie sucked okay, was waaay too long, too preachy, acting and story unlikable, humour was a little off key.

But it had a couple of highlights.
He's not in a cult of one, that's fair reasoned and thoughtful criticsism.
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posted 17 Dec 2017 10:38, edited 17 Dec 2017 10:38
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17 Dec 2017 11:18
edlo wrote:
Fuzzyduck121 wrote: Is this a positive or negative review as I can’t understand

was thinking the same

Was going cryptic. Lots to enjoy but if a fanboy, your not gonna like it!
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17 Dec 2017 12:21
'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' was a decent watch, good thriller with unnerving tension throughout.
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posted 17 Dec 2017 16:03, edited 17 Dec 2017 16:03
Really recommend Good Time, great soundtrack from Oneohtrix Point Never, sweaty and gritty and anxious. Tightly plotted too.

Patitnson is making some inspired choices, he seems really hungry and up for doing great work so don't let that put you off.
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17 Dec 2017 20:41
Rez wrote: Roll Eyes

You lot can join Noble on twitter posting fucking info wars and britain first vids. Fuk is definitely showing its age!

i think he might have blocked me?! whats his handle
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17 Dec 2017 21:18
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posted 17 Dec 2017 21:48, edited 17 Dec 2017 21:48
He got suspended I think Laughing out loud

Strange I always thought he was sound, but he doesn't half post some weird shit on there.
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18 Dec 2017 08:57
Romeo Must Die. Obviously aged but still funny, a Jet Li classic. 100% cheddar.
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18 Dec 2017 08:59
shot caller!
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18 Dec 2017 12:45
Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The more I think about it the more I think it's a fucking shitstorm. Fucking hell. So many missteps and for no good reason. Mil is right, but the PC aspect is a minor fail compared with some of the other stuff IMO.
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18 Dec 2017 13:31
i saw SWTLJ last night and thought it was a bit crap to be honest. The waterloo imax screen is as immensely spectacular as ever though
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18 Dec 2017 14:35
Maybe it's my age but all of the recent Star Wars have been very forgettable. Not even bothered to see any of them again.
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posted 19 Dec 2017 00:58, edited 19 Dec 2017 00:58
Every bit of media is political. Not liking something because it's "political" shows the extent of your thought. Unless Poor ickle MIL is shitting the bed because his movie has female and male heroes in it.

Star Wars TLJ- Different to the new Bladerunner that fixed the problems with the previous but still delved into overall philosophy of it, this one undid the mythic nature of the force. Along with making force powers much more powerful and attainable even extending it to non jedi and children. The technical limitations made force powers harder to portray in the past so it's about time. I liked when the jedi used it but it's stupid to give it to people who haven't trained in it. I'm not a fan of fantasy genre cliches so breaking open the underlying mechanics of the property will hopefully do away with all that.

Carrie fisher was awful. Daisy Ridley had some bad dialogue at the start but made way for some of the best bits. Kelly Marie Tran and Domhnall Gleeson were very good. Too many comedy bits. Most lacked setup. Better visuals than TFA.

The character developments and the action scenes were the best parts of the movie. Worth seeing it just for these things.
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19 Dec 2017 07:48
i liked it, not as good as rogue one or force awakens but better than most of the rest.
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posted 19 Dec 2017 12:11, edited 19 Dec 2017 12:11
It was awful. It made no sense. It was just Star Wars flavoured Disney bullshit. No internal logic, no narrative, no world building, no jeopardy, no mystery. Pointless subplots, dull characters, tonally incongruous humour, many anticlimaxes. At least the prequels had some integrity. Some gorgeous scenes but drivel overall. From now on Star Wars is just meaningless fun for kids, which is fine but what a waste. General Hux was a parody and impossible to take seriously from the word go and Rose was a vacuous addition, how they could be described as very good is beyond me.