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25 Dec 2019 22:22
Liked uncut gems….liked the soundtrack too. thought good time was done well previously too….the director does a great job making you feel uptight
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posted 25 Dec 2019 22:37, edited 25 Dec 2019 22:37
"It all started on the warm shores of Jamaica.." Laughing out loud

Zahler is the new Tarantino. Or the better Tarantino that never was, clever dialogue that isn't pretentious and just good movies with extreme violence and shock value. What he does isn't a homage to the past but just what that genre of movies should be in the present.

John Flynn wasn't making a reference movie when he made Rolling Thunder, he was making a good movie. Zahler understands that, Tarantino doesn't seem to.
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posted 26 Dec 2019 09:45, edited 26 Dec 2019 09:45
Watched Beneath the POTA on LD last night. Watching Escape from POTA tonight. Finally got my viewing station all setup after a nightmare move scenario. Got 10 more days off. Time to get drunk and watch LDs. Got All the Ape movies, Copland, Clash of the Titans, HEAT, Every Heisei Godzilla flick, a good lot of the Showa stuff and a ton of '80s mecha anime with a new genlock subtitle solution and some other cool shit I can't remember about to watch Cool

The thing I love about LD for old movies is they look like the actual f ucking movies. Not some DNRed monstrosity "remaster". It also goes straight into the movie, no menus, no delay. It's almost as if you actually own the f ucking movie! What a novel concept Roll Eyes I mean I have DVDs that I've bought new in the store telling me for a full two minutes how bad piracy is. What the f uck?? I'm like I paid you f ucking money and you're wasting my time with this f ucking s hit?! LD forver!

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posted 28 Dec 2019 11:08, edited 28 Dec 2019 11:08
Uncut Gems movie of the year for me.

Liked the soundtrack too.

Could totally imagine this being dropped at an NY bar mitzvah in 2010
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5 Jan 2020 01:38
was at a bar mitzvah earlier today and I'm pretty sure I heard that being played at after ceremony party Laughing out loud

thoroughly enjoyed knives out.

keep going back to the Blade Runner movies. saw 2049 the last week it was in theatres (in an empty hall all by myself drinking a six pack) then watched the theatrical release of the first one a couple weeks later on cable television (with advert interruptions). went through all the versions my local library has directors cut and final cut etc and the 2049 blue ray. went and read Emmanuel Carrere's profile of pk dick Je suis vivant et vous êtes morts and then the book itself Do androids dream in their sleep, followed by a couple more viewings of both films. I really like it a lot.
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5 Jan 2020 08:15
I’ve never ever seen any Blade Runner. I take it it’s worth a watch Laughing out loud

John Wick 3. Just as daft as the other two but enjoyable for the kills. The eye scene Sick!
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5 Jan 2020 08:44
LFC wrote: I’ve never ever seen any Blade Runner. I take it it’s worth a watch Laughing out loud

John Wick 3. Just as daft as the other two but enjoyable for the kills. The eye scene Sick!

Will be a great film(s) for your shift work… dystopian/industrial. Gotta watch Original before you go anywhere near 2049.
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5 Jan 2020 10:38
I still have a soft spot for the OG Blade Runner with Sam Spade type voiceover. That's how I first saw it and almost wore out the VHS watching it over and over. RIP Syd Mead Cry
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5 Jan 2020 11:01
Some films recently:

The Big Blue
Animal Factory
The King of New York

All old but all worth your time.
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5 Jan 2020 11:05
LFC wrote: John Wick 3. Just as daft as the other two but enjoyable for the kills. The eye scene Sick!

I thought the same. Really not normally a fan of that kind of film where its just fighting. Not seen anything decent since Mad Max or Dredd.

Blade Runner is brilliant for the soundtracks alone. The cinematography of the 2049 is amazing. Try and see in a cinema if you can.

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5 Jan 2020 12:50
Good start to 2020.

Leon: The Professional holds up excellently, great action sequences. Lots of fun.

Knives Out is smart, well made and quite fun, but totally forgettable the moment it finishes.

Marriage Story is fantastic. It's very well balanced and acted and has a great Toy Story score from Randy Newman.

La Dolce Vita is still La Dolce Vita.

Long Days Journey Into Night is crazy. Still showing in some cinemas. Like a cross between Tarkovsky's Mirror and Mulholland Drive, looks like Wong Kar Wai doing Blade Runner. If you haven't read up on it the second act is a 55 minute unbroken one take sequence that is properly mind blowing in its ambition and complexity, and filmed in 3D (I could only see it in 2D).

Top 3 of 2019:
1. Bait
2. The Souvenir
3. If Beale Street Could Talk

Honorable mentions to The Irishman, Marriage Story, Amazing Grace, 3 Faces, Pain and Glory, Diego Maradona, Atlantics, Once Upon a Time, The Favourite.
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5 Jan 2020 13:02
Don't get the love for Parasite. Perhaps something was lost in translation.

People judge foreign movies to a different standard to make themselves sound sophisticated.

If the same movie starred Elizabeth Banks and Jason Bateman, it would be a complete nothing.

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5 Jan 2020 19:46
The Gentlemen…loved it. Hugh Grant's performance as good as any he's ever done. Colin Farrell brilliant too.
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5 Jan 2020 20:37
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was awesome. Flamethrower Laughing out loud I hate that fucker in the main role though. Want punch his stupid kid face.
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5 Jan 2020 21:48

‘The Professor’
Johnny Depp awesome as always!
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posted 6 Jan 2020 00:11, edited 6 Jan 2020 00:11
makeupthaty wrote: ‘The Professor’
Johnny Depp awesome as always!

Hasn't been in a single decent film in at least 10 years
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6 Jan 2020 00:15
toin wrote:
makeupthaty wrote: ‘The Professor’
Johnny Depp awesome as always!

Hasn't been in a single decent film in at least 15 years

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6 Jan 2020 01:10
Anyone got a livestream for golden globes? Want to see Ricky Gervais rip it up
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6 Jan 2020 08:01
Just saw 'Knives Out' on the weekend. Enjoyed it, but fell victim to all the hype around it. 8/10.
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6 Jan 2020 08:48
The Gentlemen was amazing. As Goldie says, great to see Hugh Grant in a role that isn't the soppy romantic bollocks we're used to. Even bellend Bugzy Malone was a decent watch, 9/10 would watch again.