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7 Oct 2020 16:35
I hope he does a tagged pic with it, would be brilliant!
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7 Oct 2020 16:43
the extras:

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7 Oct 2020 16:51

Hope they throw a set of these in aswell to cover that ripped carpet
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7 Oct 2020 17:08
3 door Yaris for me
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7 Oct 2020 20:09
Laughing out loud fuk gold
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7 Oct 2020 21:20
Wembly Laughing out loud
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7 Oct 2020 21:56
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7 Oct 2020 22:55
I've been away a few days and came back to this. Properly chuckling away to myself right now. FUK gold right here. Laughing out loud
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7 Oct 2020 23:13
Wednesday gone and no picsCry Cry
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7 Oct 2020 23:29
YLAup wrote: Wednesday gone and no picsCry Cry

Fudge is typically across multiple timezones daily (probably has a World Time complication watch, heard they are handy) so there is still time!
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8 Oct 2020 07:24
YLAup wrote: Wednesday gone and no picsCry Cry

fudge.dredd wrote: Ok how hard is this to understand…

By midweek I meant any day, on any week in any month, between Saturday and Sunday.

When I said collecting, that obviously meant being able to take a photo of a car I may, may not, or have no intention of buying.

Is this hard to work out or what..?

Weird weird people.
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posted 8 Oct 2020 07:49, edited 8 Oct 2020 07:49
YLAup wrote: Wednesday gone and no picsCry Cry

If we were being generous I reckon midweek could possibly at a stretch span from Tuesday lunchtime to Thursday lunchtime.
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8 Oct 2020 08:09
in any year
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8 Oct 2020 08:13
Got himself a ‘fudge sign’ for the rear window as well. Nice extra!

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8 Oct 2020 10:18
Vroom vroom

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8 Oct 2020 21:21
What is the difference between a Bentley and a porcupine? Porcupines have pricks on the outside.
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22 Oct 2020 07:51
He's not been back since has he Laughing out loud
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22 Oct 2020 08:10
As much as I'm glad he does it, what does a person even get out of lying to strangers on the internet?
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22 Oct 2020 08:24
He'll be back and pretend like it never happened, just like the money pic saga.

Fudge's next post -

Just put a deposit down on one of these

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22 Oct 2020 08:24
Yeah, hope he's OK. Cry

The cars still for sale so something must have happened.;=Black&colour;=Blue&onesearchad;=New&onesearchad;=Nearly%20New&onesearchad;=Used&postcode;=bs43bs&year-to;=2019&advertising-location;=at_cars&radius;=1500&sort;=relevance&make;=ROLLS-ROYCE&page;=1&modal;=owners