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29 Apr 2010 10:09
Tat you have to queue up 2 weeks for is still tat
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29 Apr 2010 10:17
bapefan2010 wrote: Got these the other day, not sure if I wanna keep them or not though Puzzled

What do these fit like?
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29 Apr 2010 10:19
How much does a ring or necklace cost (from the store, not online etc)?
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29 Apr 2010 13:02
Size up 1/2 from 87s on the Mariah.
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29 Apr 2010 14:47
grave wrote: How much does a ring or necklace cost (from the store, not online etc)?

it all depends on what pieces you get, size and whether it has gold or not. Anywhere from Y30,000 for small feathers or a silver chain to Y100,000 for an eagle if you were lucky enough to find one in store. rings are about Y30,000-60,000 I guess.
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29 Apr 2010 17:07
seenmy wrote: I kind of get the feeling with that piece from goros its simply bought as the only piece you can easily get your hands on,you NEED to go to the store and buy goro's.

I think I mentioned, and someone else mentioned, that I got it from someone else who did all of that in advance. I wasn't planning on going to japan…@ all, and i'm not gonna hold out on being able to get something readily available (for a good price) to fly across the world, just to have one experience (if I was ever planning to go japan, I would tho). Trust me, my respect for the brand hasn't deprecated.

People buy things that they can "easily get their hands on" all the time, I'm not the only one guilty of this. I'm an avid reader of your blog. If you have a good find, do you not buy it?
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29 Apr 2010 17:29
finally - nike stefan janoski reed/stone
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29 Apr 2010 18:37
Some pickups from an American friend Sticking out tongue

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30 Apr 2010 14:24
Couple of bits from Oki-ni, not very exciting but I know a few people were looking at the Humor shorts.

Silent top, pic makes it look washed out but its a really nice colour in real life.

Humor shorts, Great quality for £45 and they fit really nice. Can't fault them, rise is on the long side as someone pointed out in the shorts thread but not stupidly so.

Fit pic

Noble Locks
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30 Apr 2010 14:34
good work, nice pick ups. ace look that
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30 Apr 2010 14:36
^ agree
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30 Apr 2010 14:59
Might get those shorts, look nice.
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30 Apr 2010 15:09
Are the turn ups stitched or can they be turned down?
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30 Apr 2010 15:14
I just did the turn ups myself as I would wear them like that.
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30 Apr 2010 15:16
looks champion that Joe.
The Gambler
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30 Apr 2010 15:26
Ignore, doubt golf shoes are considered fashion so posted in wrong thread, unable to delete either. Doh.
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30 Apr 2010 15:30

Good price, something for the summer.
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30 Apr 2010 16:05
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30 Apr 2010 16:33
Stephane wrote: finally - nike stefan janoski reed/stone

Something about the janoskis i like but then theres something im not sure on :/.

My pickups over the last few days:

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30 Apr 2010 16:40