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27 Jul 2017 12:27
Tbf I had a full Germany kit on my holidays to Tenerife in the early 90s and looked mint, got proper props from the Deutsch Touristen. As did the following year in my Spanish kit.

Though I remember anyone wearing their local teams kit on holiday was just a bit rough.
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27 Jul 2017 12:49
Is he a Juventus supporter or AC Milan though?
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posted 27 Jul 2017 14:08, edited 27 Jul 2017 14:08
People on here really questioning spends on Kids? but ok to buy Coin trays etc?

my young uns have football kits form all over - tend to collect the more novel ones (camo inter kit, silver roma etc) They go to football 2 a week and all the bairns wear Barca\Toon\Real kits.
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27 Jul 2017 16:42
people saying what you can or can't spend… and on what, this place is ace. Laughing out loud
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27 Jul 2017 17:23
Footy kits are always special growing up, lived in mine. And yes my little man got the full Leicester kit past 2 seasons.
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27 Jul 2017 18:24
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27 Jul 2017 18:44
leemac74 wrote: Footy kits are always special growing up

Word^ remember going to JJB whenever i had any spare cash to pick up whatever shirts they had on sale, regardless of team.
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posted 27 Jul 2017 19:02, edited 27 Jul 2017 19:02
footy kits can destroy children too, just sayin.
my parents bought me one from the local club which played bundesliga back in the day and now they switch every year between the 2nd or 3rd german league and make me suffer every weekend.
turin and milan is a good choice for successful kids lfc Cool
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27 Jul 2017 20:27
Regardless of team though Laughing out loud I remember coming out of my house in a Porto top after the 2006 WC quarter final. Got slated but Porto tops were always silly