Menswear: Last Purchase (PICS thread, your OWN picture, NO stock pictures)

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18 Apr 2018 10:13
Wow, those make LFC's adidas look like fucken gold
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18 Apr 2018 10:19
Good to know, I hate gold!Laughing out loud
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18 Apr 2018 13:41
really bad arent they… let's be honest.
fair enough if you got the first edition and wore them then. but the third edition now its played to death.
what did kanye west just tweet? once its a trend it's already dead?
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18 Apr 2018 14:50
I can’t think of any clothes those would look good with.
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18 Apr 2018 15:56
Kate middleton is the only person i can remember seeing them look good on, absolute shockers.
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19 Apr 2018 04:38
They're like a Nike Shox's albino mutant abortion
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19 Apr 2018 21:34
LFC wrote: Yeah I tried them again yesterday with what I had on and agree, they wouldn’t go with fuck all in my wardrobe. Probably just shorts and a plain tee in summer and I have plenty of trainers to do that with already. The quality of them was making me want to keep them cos they are really well made, but they weren’t for me.

I sent them back yesterday afternoon and don’t regret it at all. My Mrs said she felt sick when I showed her them Laughing out loud

I'm in the same boat as you LFC, I want to keep - but I can't really think of when I'd truly wear them with the amount of trainers I already own; and for the price I can't even logically justify a non-timeless 'hype' shoe.

I think I'm going to back mine too. We are lucky though, 100 days return policy - my friend in Singapore said they couldn't return at all, as they are considered limited.

My GF said they reminded her of some old dinosaur show:

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posted 20 Apr 2018 07:08, edited 20 Apr 2018 07:08
Laughing out loud good shout to be fair
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20 Apr 2018 07:24
Baby Sinclair Laughing out loud Used to love Dinosaurs

Yeah 100 day return is cool. I sent mine back the day they came Laughing out loud

They go back to Germany, so refund takes a bit longer.
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20 Apr 2018 20:13

Jordan 3 Tinker

Beater summer shorts

Jordan Diamond Rise Shorts
Nike DNA Shorts
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posted 20 Apr 2018 21:41, edited 20 Apr 2018 21:41
LFC wrote:
Jordan 3 Tinker

Nice, worth the £16 over retail.