Menswear: Last Purchase (PICS thread, your OWN picture, NO stock pictures)

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21 Jan 2022 07:05
Incredible pick-ups Saltz. Need some fit pics ASAP.
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21 Jan 2022 07:34
Ubercool saltz
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21 Jan 2022 07:42
saltz33 wrote: New Year shopping

Bangers! saltz setting the bar for 2022 Ubercool
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21 Jan 2022 09:18
Saltz Ubercool
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21 Jan 2022 09:28
Nice picks ups.
Think the 'kerchiefs are one of the best things Vis has done Cool
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21 Jan 2022 11:38
Is anybody doing kerchief ripoffs?
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posted 21 Jan 2022 12:14, edited 21 Jan 2022 12:14
When I see Kerchiefs now I think of Americans wearing them with Jordans tbh.

Still like em though
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21 Jan 2022 13:44
HiFi wrote: Is anybody doing kerchief ripoffs?
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21 Jan 2022 17:03
son of loong /aesthetic homage do some i think. I have some reviews on reddit saying the quality isn;t that different (worrying due to the price differential).

@zoom - fit pics to follow. The pink is the older style narrower shoulders and blue is from the Christmas release.

The Iris jacket fits larger than the iris liner as an fyi