Menswear: Last Purchase (PICS thread, your OWN picture, NO stock pictures)

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21 Jun 2022 14:18
End code Zoom?
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21 Jun 2022 18:08
RickRude wrote:

Very nice Cool
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21 Jun 2022 18:35
A few sales pick up, nothing groundbreaking

Loreak Mendian tee and short + Adsum Bank Shorts

Beams Plus Hoody

Barena Bativoga

Folk Drawcord Assembly Pants
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21 Jun 2022 19:06
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21 Jun 2022 20:18
Nice pickups Anto - the Adsum Bank shorts and Folk Assembly pants are the go to for me season after season
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30 Jun 2022 18:09

Drake's cotton canvas games suit. Dont usually like trousers with a pleat but thought this was a good versatile 2-piece and being casual it doesn't need the perfect fit, works with denim (etc).

I'm a bit more likey to wear a plain shirt and loafers mind you.
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30 Jun 2022 22:57
Nice ^
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1 Jul 2022 07:46
lovely that cracka
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1 Jul 2022 12:43
Really nice that Cracka
That one and Snaye's pic a while ago really make me want to get a nice suit and smarten up
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posted 1 Jul 2022 14:00, edited 1 Jul 2022 14:00
Also got a canvas chore coat in Navy Oops

GG- Have to say the off the rail wool/silk/linen tailored jackets have gone down in quality and finish. Would look elsewhere for the money.

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1 Jul 2022 15:31

Summer bits.
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1 Jul 2022 16:10
All nice Disco Ubercool
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1 Jul 2022 16:28
Seventyfour wrote: All nice Disco Ubercool

Did you cop the Sachs from the drop or resell?
What are they like in reals, worth the coin?
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1 Jul 2022 18:21
Lovely bits there disco. Was upset I got an L on the Sachs
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1 Jul 2022 18:45
Disco Ubercool
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1 Jul 2022 18:52
Cracks and disco Cool
Can’t work out if them Nike are great or look like a pair from JCrew. Look good in your picture however
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1 Jul 2022 20:03
Aldens are solid. Where did you buy from if you don’t mind me asking?
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2 Jul 2022 00:52
Cheers. Alden were from Clutch and are as soft as you like. Zero breaking in needed. Won the Sachs (first ever win Shocked ) and I like that they look a bit J Crew Killshot. Pretty good construction and materials and feel unlike any Nike I've had before. Would not pay much over retail though as hopefully they keep their promise that these and others will be widely available.
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2 Jul 2022 13:19
CDG Ganryu

Marni x H&M

Andrea Ya'aqov
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3 Jul 2022 16:53

Killshot 2.
Didnt know they'd done a leather version but saw these at the outlet today.