Menswear: Last Purchase (PICS thread, your OWN picture, NO stock pictures)

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22 May 2013 20:55
Crazy Joe Davola wrote:
burny wrote:
Crazy Joe Davola wrote: Visvim Ultimate tee s/s sea island olive
Visvim homer tote
Nanamica Coolmax loopwheel jersey tee navy & grey
Fluxus 03 from here
Barena toppa verdone
Nike flyknit trainer, really happy with these, tried running with once but not stable enough for my taste so use at work now, never got so much compliment on a shoe as with these, not what i would have expected.

Did you get the ultimate tee off of the guy on eBay? What's it like? Worth the price?

Yup, thats the one, haven't recieved yet but can say once its here

Quality was good, fit is really small though for a vis tee, L fits like a true medium so prob only dry clean as can't afford any shrinkage
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22 May 2013 20:57
barena jacket is Cool
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22 May 2013 20:58
barena from?
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22 May 2013 22:25
beedub & Crazy Joe Davola Cool
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22 May 2013 23:00
sydneyking wrote:

Veilance Composite

Ubercool Ubercool so nice. looking for something similar
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23 May 2013 04:13
sydneyking wrote: Veilance Composite

Did you pay retail? Looking for something similar also.
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23 May 2013 10:20

asos hav 20% atm so got some bits


real leather on the jacket its not brilliant though just needed something cheap to beat around in on nights out
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23 May 2013 10:24
those veilance jackets pop up on ebay quite frequently
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23 May 2013 10:33
Someone else said that to me, yet i had a look over for the past couple of months and you get the odd one or two in terrible colours similiar to the ones that pop up on yoox or one's priced the same as retail
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23 May 2013 10:44
quick search brought that up, its similar enough but is a bit worn and size M

and I believe that might have been me?
just checked my pm's and I linked you to an isogon in your size,in the light blue colour you wanted for £140 shipped on ebay when they retailed at 250-300
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23 May 2013 10:52
Ahhh ok, it was the wrong colour. Looked similar in the pics but e-mailed the seller and i think he said it was more grey than blue
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23 May 2013 13:06

Edwin Surplus, got one in blue but think I prefer this colour.
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23 May 2013 17:52

new jps for summer and a 3 pack of wtaps tees (large) in classifieds now..

apologies for instagram

edit: will also sell the JPs for less than retail as id really like sydneyking's visvim nomad Laughing out loud (US10, fit like UK9.5)
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23 May 2013 18:12

Edwin Surplus, got one in blue but think I prefer this colour.

Dig that, any fit pics?
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23 May 2013 18:31
MrW - nice jacket, good for the money. Do you wear it like the image or fully buttoned up?
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23 May 2013 19:41

Saddleman Denim Shirt
LVC 1915 Cone Mills
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23 May 2013 19:56
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23 May 2013 20:24
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23 May 2013 20:49
my ideal denim shirt Cool
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23 May 2013 20:52
i hope u didnt pay more than £100 for the 1915