Menswear: Leather Repairs (clothes not crepes)

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10 Feb 2007 13:05
i got heavily blazed on tequila last night and when i got in i tried to get up to my room, which is on the 2nd floor if your english or 3rd if you calculate it the stupid way, without touching the floor, so basically shimmy'ing and hanging much like in the youtube video of the JP man who did the 'impossible assault course in XX minutes'.

anyway… i slipped and hit a radiator which has created a thumbnail sized gash in my leather jacket on the shoulder. what kind of restoration facilities are available? is there places that you can take it for repairs?

sorry for nonce question and poor grammer but i can't think, i may still be drunk or possibly have concussion.
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10 Feb 2007 13:08
Try asking the guys who work in a leather shop?

I was looking for something to take out grease from jeans and saw some bits of information about leather and most people said try and find a leather specialst (have no idea where though) or ask the people who work in a leather shop.

They'll be your best bet, they may even be able to repair the damage themselves.

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10 Feb 2007 13:08
Its a good question I have a similar nick on the back of my leather jacket and its only 1cm but its stop me wearing it. advice fellow fuker's?
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10 Feb 2007 13:09
tough shit i suppose

didnt think it was possible unless new whole peice of leather
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10 Feb 2007 13:24
surely some place can sew it?
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9 Feb 2015 23:25
Anyone had a rip/tear in a leather jacket repaired? Can it be done?
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9 Feb 2015 23:36
I have. I don't know if it was just a shit place I sent it to but they pretty much did a glue job - my thoughts are that I could have probably just done it myself with some flex superglue. To be fair, it looked ok but it was never perfect again.
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10 Feb 2015 09:10
Mrs had a leather bag repair at a place in Garforth, Leeds that is known for repairing motorcycle leathers. They did a great job. This information might be useless, but might open up your search a bit.
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10 Feb 2015 11:46
try furniture and car seat place also - both can do invisible repairs
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10 Feb 2015 12:57
Thanks, Gents - will give motorcycle/furniture places a go Cool
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10 Feb 2015 13:01
Might be worth getting in contact with this guy
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10 Feb 2015 13:09
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5 May 2015 19:45
this seems a good place to ask

Anyone had a leather jacket dyed another colour? Considering getting a jacket dyed from brown to black. If so anyone got any recommendations for somewhere in London or Brum?
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6 May 2015 13:07
bumping this
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7 May 2015 14:40
I know it's not the same, but these guys do really impressive repairs and colour changes on leather handbags, so maybe worth a shout to see if they would do a jacket?