General Discussion: The life advice thread. Never do, say, eat or drink anything without asking how to do it in here first!

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17 May 2022 04:58
Yeah I Laughing out loud at that one.
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17 May 2022 08:33
Ocin wrote: then come back before my kid starts school

Are you married?

while you order drinks

The name's Ocin, James Ocin. Licence to drink.

multicultural population living in harmony

©UAE Tourist Board

morning mist wrote: already started your government job i see

Laughing out loud

Make sure you have Detained in Dubai on speed dial.
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17 May 2022 08:46
Ocin wrote: Interesting responses to a request for help!

Not sure what the confused emojis mean but yeah the plan is 4-5 years then come back before my kid starts school pretty much financially independent. I'm mid thirties now and am ready a change of scenery from the UK. Noticed more crime in my suburb, fed up with govt BS, general public's attitude, higher cost of living and no meaningful salary uplift, generally not a place I want to bring a baby up in.

The safety in Dubai is a huge factor for me - people literally leave their cars open at night, keys and phone down at a bar to secure a table while you order drinks. Imagine doing that in London. Communities that are maintained, spotless public toilets, multicultural population living in harmony.

There are a lot of stereotypes about Dubai, the labour market, weather etc etc that are either not true or have nuances to them. Builders and nannies for example earn around 4-5x per month in UAE vs in India or Philippines for similar jobs. Slave labour Rez - have you ever been to the USA? Do you live in the UK? Does the slave labour that contributed to these countries prosperity not bother you?

DXB airport is another factor - being within 4-7 hours flight of Maldives, Mauritius, most of Asia, Africa etc is amazing. In my recent trip to Dubai I likened it to NYC in the 1930s - boom town and full of opportunity.

Given the reasons for leaving the UK (crime, govt, attitude, etc.), why would you actually want to come back? It's not like those things will disappear in 4-5 years.

Not trying to start an argument, just interested in your thought process. I know people that have moved out there with mixed experiences - some have said it's great in your 20s but for a short period, others are out there right now (couple, early 30s, job with Emirates Airlines head office) and still enjoy it.
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17 May 2022 09:25
Deffo don't try the drop the McDonald's bag trick, might get your hand chopped off for that (probably why theft is non-existent over there).
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posted 17 May 2022 13:03, edited 17 May 2022 13:03
Laughing out loud won't be trying the McDonalds trick that is for sure.

Yes I'm married and no I havnt started my job yet, so not biased at all. I'm basing this on my experiences in the country so far both from a business and leisure perspective. Dubai seems to have matured in recent years and can go toe to toe with some of the best cities in the world imo. Have a look at this for a flavour of what I'm talking about: It is not all beach clubs and chavs, despite what the MSM might have you think.

Swiftus - I've seen a decline in life quality in the UK over the past few years, the country feels like it is close to being on its arse in many ways. It might be just me, but I doubt it. Not going into the reasons for it, but I fear worse is around the corner. Thats not to say things can't reverse. Hoping to return to the UK in a few years and live away from the major cities - Lake District etc for a quiet life near good schools for my kid.

Your mates at Emirates will have a great package I'm sure, will be well looked after
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17 May 2022 13:34
Ocin wrote: Yes I'm married

Legal cohabitation. Cool

That was literally sponsored by the Dubai Corporation of Tourism & Commerce Marketing. Laughing out loud Every page has a link to Visit Dubai's site.
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17 May 2022 14:04
Cohabitation is legal now if not married, changed a while back.

I know the guide is sponsored, but worth sharing to give an idea of the state away from stereotypes.

One interesting conversation I had while there is the rumoured legalisation of casinos, which would 10x growth there imo. Caesars already open with space for gaming, Wynn about to break ground

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17 May 2022 15:36
Arnt things super expensive there ? Only encounter I’ve had is in the airport which was nice tbh but I’m sure 2 coffees were like 20 quid. Also no offence but anyone I know thats moved there is a knob head so go at your own risk.
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17 May 2022 16:14

Concerned about crime reaching your suburb and want to retire to the Lake District. We all get what you’re implying. Eye-wink
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posted 17 May 2022 21:44, edited 17 May 2022 21:44