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22 May 2011 22:10
EVERS wrote: my 2 cats (brother & sister) are constantly fighting and driving me up the fucking wall.

how can I sort the cunts out other than resorting to mortal violence?

Had them both 'done' ?
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22 May 2011 22:13
I dont think killing them both is the solution he's after.
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22 May 2011 22:15

theyre both done
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23 May 2011 07:09
buy them both ipads and this game
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24 May 2011 06:38
It's a pretty big one this, my mate has just been made best man for another friend's wedding. The guy getting married is Christian etc.

What should be done for the Stag do? Strippers, getting wasted and the like (which I'd be more than happy with) won't cut it with the groom/ crowd potentially invited.

I was thinking go and do something in Newcastle/ Manchester then go out after since they're meant to be the two best cities for partying in the country but I'm not really sure if that'd go down well…
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24 May 2011 08:01
If going out seriously won't go down well, then how about booking a shit hot cottage/ log cabin type place somewhere like the Lake District. Then in the day go clay pigeon shooting/paint balling/quad biking. Then at night you could head into the local town, cockermouth is meant too be quite decent as little places go. Not going too be anything to exiting but could be a happy medium.
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24 May 2011 09:36
We did exactly that and it turned out to be a decent weekend. Stayed at a hostel by lake coniston and the best man booked up a load of lake activities which were actually quite good. We then went out round coniston, got quite pissed and ended up at a disco being held for gypsies at a local working mans club Smiling
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24 May 2011 10:05
Did you do any grabbing?
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24 May 2011 10:16
We didn't hang around long Laughing out loud
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25 May 2011 18:28
got a telephone interview for an internship at a headhunting agency tomorrow. never had a phone interview before, any sage words of advice?
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25 May 2011 18:33
Whatever you do, don't fuck it up.
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25 May 2011 18:38
Tell them you are highly motivated by money, ask them if they have any concerns and how the interview went at the end. Recruitment/head hunting and sales are very similar and that was the successful advice I was given going for the job I'm in at the moment.
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25 May 2011 18:45
famiglia wrote: Tell them you are highly motivated by money

then tell them that time is money and they've got 10 minutes to interview you.
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25 May 2011 18:48
Ask them if they want a job.
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25 May 2011 18:48
do it naked
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25 May 2011 19:03
i am going to destroy this interview
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25 May 2011 19:07
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25 May 2011 19:12
don't answer the phone by saying next hype
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25 May 2011 21:46
Need some advice. Ordered some nike vengeance's from (they are legit) on the 20th. Got this email today ;


At the point of dispatch it was discovered that the glue had failed under the swoosh, and it was flapping about.
We have had to send them back to Nike for a quality control inspection.

They were the last UK 10, and Nike are unable to provide a replacement.

Would you like to exchange for another style?…..I have been authorised to offer you upto £65.00 for an exchange.


Customer Service Team

Anybody else thinks that is complete shit ? They didn't even contact me asking if I still wanted the shoes in the faulty state, instead they supposedly send them back to nike straight away. Its frustrating as its a hard to source shoe now. Should I just take the exchange or just tell them to get lost and ask for a refund ?
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25 May 2011 21:49
Refund all the way