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5 Mar 2009 15:01
if you go with the "i've been hurt before" approach, she'll adopt you as a project. FACT.
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5 Mar 2009 15:05
Yup, Girls are always trying to "Save" you
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5 Mar 2009 15:07
I love this thread.
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5 Mar 2009 15:19
But if Robii isnt arsed about this girl long term, let her 'save' him while he gets to give her the shit-dick until he has been fully healed.

Then he can say thanks for everything but ive realised i can do so much better than you know, toodle pip duck im off

Most likely, she will try and do a Bobbit on him Laughing out loud
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5 Mar 2009 15:45
I just said it's early days and we'll just have to see how things work out. Seems to have appeased her anyway
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5 Mar 2009 16:19
As long as you don't do the whole its early and I am only getting to know you thing then everything else will be fine. If you say that she will constantly want to spend time with you until she believes you have got to know her.

It would be constant pestering.
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5 Mar 2009 16:23
Women sound like a lot of hard work.
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5 Mar 2009 16:25
How about not texting back ?
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5 Mar 2009 16:26
how long have you been seeing her robii?

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5 Mar 2009 16:33
since he got her number out of the back of FHM.
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5 Mar 2009 18:19
that is much funnier than anyones giving it credit for Laughing out loud
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5 Mar 2009 21:24
Haters! Smiling

Couple of months, Jet
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6 Mar 2009 19:07
My mates all spotted my youngest sister, who has just turned 15, with her mates in a bar in Newastle last week. My best mate was telling me on the night when I met up with them that she was smoking and drinking but I presumed he meant walking to get the metro home or something not actually at a bar (I couldnt see them getting served) But it turns out they were in the bar.

Im a tad pissed off, but dunno wanna be the grass, should I tell the rents or let her get on with it, its all a learning curve etc. But I started off at the drinking at house parties and going to the local clubs/pubs not into Newcastle. Dont think its really the place for 15 year olds.

Should I tell the 'rents or just try and make sure it doesnt happen again?
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6 Mar 2009 19:09
do nothing.
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6 Mar 2009 19:13
Yeah doubt I will. But bars (pretty decent one as well) leting 14 & 15 year old girls drink in is fucking stupid.
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6 Mar 2009 19:19
I was the same when my sister was 15 but I just let her get on with it. No problems with it really. Her kid's 3 now and she's really cute. I love being an uncle Smiling
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6 Mar 2009 19:36
how olds your sister now though robii? 18?

I let my sister do her own thing.. shes cleverer than me and i survived doing worst things younger. grassing will just make her not trust you..better just to tell her you'll look out for if she goes out and to let you know when she does.
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6 Mar 2009 19:48
collizhun wrote: how olds your sister now though robii? 18?

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6 Mar 2009 22:39
gojira. wrote:
6thEdition wrote:
collizhun wrote: "we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed"

get one of these and you've cracked it.

love those nice simple shy girls that aren't the loud ones in a club, the ones who don't think they are the shit and arn't seeking constant attention, who still look pretty an don't need to act slutty to get their confidence, but when get home behind closed doors go fucking wild.. and its all yours…

Girl i am shagging at the moment is pretty dirty and pretty good but i know full well she is seeing other guys and plays up to it when out. Really annoys me as i actually quite like her

Sorry mate
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6 Mar 2009 22:54
Seriously Phil, the only reason you weren't drinking in bars when you were 15 is cos you and your spotty pals had no chance of getting served. Leave her be, she isn't going to stop if you grass her up anyway, and it's not like someone spotted her shooting up is it. Few alcopops and a few bensons never did any teenager any harm, besides she won't be able to afford to get too pissed up doon the toon