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2 Oct 2015 18:42
Ricky 'the bolt-on' Hatton?
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2 Oct 2015 19:12
Prince Naseem 'data' Hammered?
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2 Oct 2015 19:21
Gonna Kostya Tszyu
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2 Oct 2015 19:36
Hector 'Too Mucho' Camacho?
James 'Data Buster' Douglas?
Juan 'The Bill Making Me ill' Lazcano?
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8 Oct 2015 21:00
Just put up a light fitting, didn't have a clue really but seem to have pulled it off however instructions say I should insulate where the wires connect with electricians tape.

Obviously haven't got any, will I burn the house down without it?
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posted 8 Oct 2015 21:07, edited 8 Oct 2015 21:07
Erm, maybe? I did a similar thing not so long ago, like you had no idea what I was doing but to my utter dismay it works, and still does. Anyway, I insulated with tape, didn't want to take any chances when it came to electricity, fire, house burning and children. Not even worth the risk imo.
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8 Oct 2015 22:22
Will of course get some tomorrow and sort it, was just hoping for some reassurance it will be OK in the meantime…
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12 Oct 2015 16:33
What shirt do you wear with a velvet blazer if you're wearing it with jeans and suede chelsea boots? Not really one to ever dress up so any advice appreciatedCool
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12 Oct 2015 16:38
Light blue or stripe button down I'd go with
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12 Oct 2015 16:53
Sounds a bit Towie that LFC. Can't go far wrong with white though.
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posted 12 Oct 2015 17:45, edited 12 Oct 2015 17:45
Sorry should of said. I want a white shirt, just not sure what style. I have a white button down oxford, just not sure it would go?

Edit: its a black blazer with black jeans and boots
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posted 12 Oct 2015 18:44, edited 12 Oct 2015 18:44
black shirt?

I have a navy blazer that I fucked the trousers on - can't buy again!

Blazer is such a nice fit on me - business smart - what other colour trousers can you wear with navy?
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12 Oct 2015 19:09
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12 Oct 2015 21:30
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13 Oct 2015 12:23
Could anyone give me a hand with some Japanese translation on Yahoo Auctions?

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13 Oct 2015 15:44
Which websites are good for finding deals on holidays? Keen on booking something for next month.
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13 Oct 2015 15:50
Holiday Pirates if you're flexible on dates and destinations.
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13 Oct 2015 22:20
LFC turning in to Austin Powers.
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14 Oct 2015 00:47
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15 Oct 2015 14:31
Any wordpress/CSS dons around who may be able to help with a small question?