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15 Oct 2015 17:36
gawkrodger wrote: Any wordpress/CSS dons around who may be able to help with a small question?

pm me
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15 Oct 2015 19:41
non-moody site for a proxy service from canada?
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17 Oct 2015 05:53
Been offered a job covering Chelsea and the Bush to Ealing. Anyone live round this way ? Just wonder what the roads are like outside the rush hour.
carl lewis
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17 Oct 2015 08:37
All good Stoney
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23 Oct 2015 13:17
Looking into the possibility of a trip to Tokyo, but don't really know where to start and so I could do with some help/ advice:

Where's the best place to look for flights?
Where's best to fly from?
Are there any times of the year that are going to be significantly cheaper/ more expensive, apart from school holidays?

Also, what sort of options are there for more affordable accommodation? I've always stayed in hotels whenever I've been abroad, where do I need to be looking for things like renting apartments?

Any help much appreciated!
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23 Oct 2015 13:29
last trip I did I stayed in air bnb and it was really straight forward,and you can get a good space in decent location for 100 a night, if you have not been before I would suggets maybe getting a hotel the first night,then check in to air bnb so you not dragging your luggage around on 1st day.

stay in shibuya its easy to get there direct on train from airport, stay first night at the cerrilian tower as its nice hotel right next to shibuya station, easy place to get your bearings from.

I can send you a google map I have with all the shops etc on…

flight wise I dont know who is best,always fly on BA as do it on my airmiles, time of year wise spring is great time to go as you get the blossom etc and temp is nice, avoid summer as its humid as hell

I often go in november its cheap tickets wise as its off peak, weather is cold ish not disimilar to uk weather at that time, the shops are well stocked with winter collections etc

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23 Oct 2015 13:39
Thanks seenmy, much appreciated. Later in the year sounds better, I'm useless in the heat so summer was probably not going to be an option anyway and as this will hopefully involve a decent amount of shopping, the winter collections are likely to be more of what I'm after (google map of the spots would also be really handy!).

Is there only one main airport in Tokyo?
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23 Oct 2015 13:57
There's 2, narita and haneda and you can fly to either from the UK. Narita is a bit further from the centre but you can catch a train into Shibuya station, it's very easy. Alternatively there is a bus from haneda to Shibuya - both trips are about an hour from memory.

I've also stayed at the Tokyo excel hotel in Shibuya - it's not as nice as the cerulean but a bit cheaper and the rooms are fine and you can get a great view of Shibuya crossing if you are on the right side. It's right next to the station.

Daikanyama and nakameguro are really nice areas for shopping and generally walking around. Worth looking around there for air bnb and the like.
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posted 23 Oct 2015 17:35, edited 23 Oct 2015 17:35
Just got back from Tokyo stayed at the Cerulean, decent hotel with good pool/gym etc. I flew into Haneda and got the bus which took about 45 minutes and cost about a fiver. Stops outside the hotel. Virgin stopped flying there so you're pretty limited, either BA or JAL I think, I flew BA which was fine but I prefer Virgin if I have an option. Try and go to JBS if you get a chance, really cool bar right by the hotel
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23 Oct 2015 18:27
Thanks for the advice and suggestions everyone, really appreciated and gives me something to go on. Any more suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
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posted 24 Oct 2015 12:19, edited 24 Oct 2015 12:19
Tokyo is a real decent spot,visited a bunch of times and never want to leave.Life goal is to live there in a decent space one day.
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posted 24 Oct 2015 20:21, edited 24 Oct 2015 20:21
comfiest pair of sweatpants for under 60ish notes? purely for monging around the house, no need for any tapered fashionista streetwear guff
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24 Oct 2015 20:40
Nike Tech fleece
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25 Oct 2015 08:28
There's some Champion x Todd Snyder ones on Hanon for around what you want to pay phish.
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25 Oct 2015 12:57
Picked up some standard champion sweats at TK Maxx recently for £16.99. Good for the price.
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25 Oct 2015 19:01
@beedub, for shopping in Tokyo the super future store guide app is worth getting for the gps map - finding some stores can be a bit tricky!
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25 Oct 2015 19:40
Thanks for the advice crutch.
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26 Oct 2015 08:19
Going to Manchester today for the first time ever, where's the best place to park closest to Selfridges please?
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26 Oct 2015 08:37
There's a multi story right behind harvey nics(next to selfridges). I always park in boddingtons car park which is right next to the arena which is also near selfridges.
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26 Oct 2015 08:40
I usually Park in the multistorey joined on to the arena.