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10 Nov 2015 10:05
Patron Saint of travel having travel issues - holy irony.
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10 Nov 2015 10:16
Bless you.
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10 Nov 2015 13:57
I had this with easyjet last week, said you had to pay but i phoned them and did it over the phone for free.
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10 Nov 2015 14:33
stoney wrote: I had this with easyjet last week, said you had to pay but i phoned them and did it over the phone for free.

Similar experience with a friends middle name.
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10 Nov 2015 16:13
put a friends name down as Andy Andy, instead of Andy Secondname and, as everything else was right (birth date, passport number etc), they changed it for free at the airport - was ryanair, I think.
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10 Nov 2015 17:10
Andy Andy Laughing out loud
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10 Nov 2015 17:25
Forper wrote: Looking for dating advice. The be yourself thing isn't really working out anymore, as myself is a 40 year old with a low paying job and no car. For my 40th birthday I walked around and had a nap after. I don't like women, I never have, I just want to have sex with them. I guess this works okay when you're 22 and have an excuse to be poor and have "potential" can I go back in time? Or should I just give up and focus on my hobbies more?

Try and find someone who is also in to your hobbies, and also don't creep them out. No offence Mil but you come across really fucking creepy, and I'm sure if you thought a bit more about how women like to be treated you could get past that early freaking them out phase you no doubt go through.

Saying things like "I don't like Women" isn't going to get you very far when trying to set up a date.

Alternatively you're a lost cause, so get a better job so you can afford prostitutes.
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10 Nov 2015 23:25
Leasehold flat without an allocated parking spot on a street with little parking available? How much should that knock off the asking price?
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posted 11 Nov 2015 00:25, edited 11 Nov 2015 00:25
swede wrote: depends on the airline + country. why did you book it as chris you pillock Laughing out loud

MoB wrote: i once travelled as matt on the ticket instead of matthew on the passport. Was due to auto fill on my mac, bird at passport control/lounge bit didn't bat an eyelid.

Did the exact same thing.

Paid the fee, fuckers wouldnt do anything and couldnt take the risk…did you not shit it?
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11 Nov 2015 00:47
i thought your first name was christian anyway?
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11 Nov 2015 01:30
"Mr Christian Surname to Gate three please"
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11 Nov 2015 12:57
Best travelguides? Currently stuck between monocle, wallpaper en superfuture.
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11 Nov 2015 16:02
Car audio question.

Whats the bets way of organising files on a usb stick, so that when I wack it in the car I can scroll through artists? At the moment it just gives me album names?
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11 Nov 2015 16:06
Not sure but try creating folders and organising by artist name?
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posted 11 Nov 2015 16:10, edited 11 Nov 2015 16:10
Yeah, that's what i've done. Main folder called Artists then the names, then albums etc

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11 Nov 2015 22:21
just started the process of buying my first house, mortgage application etc. is it better to go with a life assurance or life insurance policy?
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12 Nov 2015 09:00
If you're just getting it at the insistence of the mortgage provider I would think insurance would suffice.
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12 Nov 2015 11:53
Thanks figurine, it is because of the mortgage provider but just wondered what people usually did. They were trying to sell us a decreasing assurance which decreased in line with the outstanding mortgage balance - to me that sounded as though there would be no benefit over a life insurance plan for the mortgage term? I'm new to all this though.
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12 Nov 2015 12:01
Is the life assurance / insurance compulsory for that mortgage?

I've also just made my first mortgage application and the only compulsory thing on that was buildings insurance.
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12 Nov 2015 12:22
Not compulsory but had a few ppl suggesting it so we are trying to get some opinion/research it.