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3 Sep 2017 19:52
Anyone else get stung for a non-sterling transaction when buying stuff off Yoox? Evil
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4 Sep 2017 08:54
That's brexit for ya.
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4 Sep 2017 09:12
Customs ?
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4 Sep 2017 09:56
Nah, NatWest charging me for using my credit card to make a purchase.

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8 Sep 2017 18:23
swede wrote: I've had that before schtoop and they take ages to send people out to sort it etc. but recently my mate bought a flat and the previous owners had virgin, he went to a virgin media store in person and they sorted it within an hour. may be worth a shot (I personally was not convinced they could do anything instore)

yeah basically i just had to wait 3 days until the stuff was delivered and it was up and running

although i've found out the range on virgin media super hub 3.0 is dogshit, can anyone recommend a powerline wifi extender for the bedroom?
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8 Sep 2017 19:52
I use my super hub as a modem and use an Asus RTN66U as the router. You tried homeplugs? Also try changing the wifi channel cos sometimes when it's setup you end up being on the same channel as all your neighbours who are on virgin which won't help.
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8 Sep 2017 19:57
I got those home plugs when the Wi-Fi signal wouldn't reach a bedroom. Work flawlessly and get full speed. Not wireless though but you can get the wireless models
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posted 8 Sep 2017 20:26, edited 8 Sep 2017 20:26
just tried changing the channel (turning it off and on again) but no joy Sad

what homeplugs do you use beardy? will these do the job?;=xwimaippma&istBid;=tztx&srcid;=198&cmpid;=ppc~gg~1014+%28PLA%29+Networking+Top+50+Sku~1014+%28PLA%29+Networking+Top+50+Sku+ad+group~Exact&mctag;=gg_goog_7904&kwid;=GOOGLE&device;=c&ds;_kids=92700023943146657&PLA;=1&tgtid;=1014+%28PLA%29+Networking+Top+50+Sku&gclid;=CjwKCAjw_8jNBRB-EiwA96Yp1oz8x5GAfGrGe5HHpNKv9ppkddlfFS0-2_RonNzsI0qX2kXsDedcixoCAgQQAvD_BwE&gclsrc;=aw.ds&dclid;=CMyi7ay8ltYCFXIy0wodL6ICHg
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posted 10 Sep 2017 09:59, edited 10 Sep 2017 09:59
For homeplugs, invest in devolo (or try to get second hand). Had zero problems with those. Also had TP-Links and installed TP-Links at my moms, but they lose connection ever so often and you have to physically reconnect them. Same thing as with TP-Link wifi routers after some time really. I have some devolos lying around that I don't use atm, but I'm not located in UK.

Note: homeplugs don't work well if your house('s copper) is old.
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10 Sep 2017 15:42
Hi mate

I didn't get the wireless models. Mine plug into the router then plug into the plug socket next to pc then straight to ethernet.
Dead easy and work a dream. Not sure how the wireless ones are. Mine were about 20 quid for the basic model from Currys but that's all so need.
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11 Sep 2017 02:58
Cool Strangely proud I started this thread 8 years ago
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posted 19 Sep 2017 10:41, edited 19 Sep 2017 10:41
Does anyone have any idea about bullion? Specifically Gold Sovereigns?

I was given a couple of these recently and I don't know whether to sell them on or if they are worth keeping?
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19 Sep 2017 11:07
It depends on your circumstances really. Their value is obviously linked to the gold price. If that goes down then they are worth less. If it goes up they are worth more. The price you would get for selling them also depends on the demand for them at that particular time. Like any investment there is a risk attached.

You can see the trend of gold prices on that site:

If you don't like the risk factor then selling them and sticking the cash in an ISA is obviously the safer (but potentially less lucrative) option.

If gold hits its 10 year high again your two sovereigns could be worth roughly 100 quid more than they are today, but if it falls they could lose value. Converting to cash guarantees the value but the potential returns are smaller (at a 2% interest rate your cash would make around 10 quid a year).
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19 Sep 2017 19:14
Thanks again Andy!! That's definitely helped.
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19 Sep 2017 19:40
Lifetime ISA is a no brainer.
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19 Sep 2017 20:49
What banks are doing the Lifetime ISA atm?
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26 Sep 2017 19:48
I have the top virgin package, 2 boxes,both downstairs. If I want to get virgin upstairs, do I have to lose one of the downstairs feeds or is there a work around ? (I have an old virgin TiVo box in the garage) Do I get virgin in it some local TV guy
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26 Sep 2017 19:50
nothingelseworked wrote: What banks are doing the Lifetime ISA atm?

skipton and hargreaves lansdown

signed up for a LISA anbd put £1 in it. will wait for the 4% interest on my halifax help2buy before merging them together before the new tax year
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3 Oct 2017 16:38
Anything you can do when a webshop doesn't want to deliver because of a "price error" ? I bought a lamp in a sale for €65 instead of €170 at a well known webshop, and they claim it's a price error. Checking on trustpilot it seems they pull this about every other month.
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15 Oct 2017 19:02
Does anyone know if (travel) insurance companies would ring a hotel (or air bnb) to confirm that you have actually stayed there?