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23 Jan 2020 12:03
Yup, mine is paired with a Combi-boiler.
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23 Jan 2020 12:08
Yep Worcester Bosch combi
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23 Jan 2020 12:17
I don’t really rate my nest, did a bit of a post in the house thread about it not long ago if you can find it. I don’t think the learn feature is particularly great so I’ve turned it off, so basically just using it as a normal thermostat which it works fine as.

Controlling from your phone and stuff is very handy but obviously the hive can do that too. I probably wouldn’t buy one again if we move house.
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23 Jan 2020 12:21
We have a Nest. For what it's worth I think it's better than Hive. It seems to have less limitations.


- works with Google Home and Amazon Echo whereas Hive only works with Amazon
- isn't limited to the 6 heating periods that Hive is
- "learns" schedules (this doesn't work perfectly but is generally decent)
- has a motion sensor which can sense when you're moving about the house or have left / gone to bed
- the motion sensor can also be used so that the display activates when you walk past it rather than having to press it like the Hive
- the display can be set to show the weather outside, or a weather forecast for the day ahead
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23 Jan 2020 13:15
Got 40 notes off, so Hive it is. Thanks all.
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24 Jan 2020 13:58
The design of the hive unit looks awful in comparison to Nest. I’ve got a few nest products (thermostat, smoke alarms and a camera) and rate them really highly. They just work, the app is easy to use and they look nice around the house.
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24 Jan 2020 14:31
Agreed, do prefer the look of the Nest unit with the larger clearer screen. Not bothered about it enough to switch now though lol
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27 Jan 2020 10:29
Any recommendations on decent 4-slice toasters? Is Dualit worth the p?
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27 Jan 2020 11:46
Got the stainless Dualit 4 slice toaster, still perfect after 5 years and looks great
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27 Jan 2020 12:11
Well worth the dualit if you use a toaster more than the odd piece of toast.
I dont think they are made as well as before, but still better than anything else out there.

Either go £10 job or go Dialit element, because all toasters apart from dualit element are the same cheap tech, doesn’t matter if you spend £10 or £100.

Like a quartz watch. You can dress it up however you want to, but it’s still the same tech.
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27 Jan 2020 12:16
Had our stainless Magimix 4 slice toaster around 10 years, no complaints. Their stainless jug kettle is a bit shit though, had 2 replaced under warranty.
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27 Jan 2020 23:50
Get a D&G Smeg

I have a Dualit (the architect not the classic style) which I got on sale and it is a very good toaster have to say
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posted 28 Jan 2020 06:29, edited 28 Jan 2020 06:29
I have a dualit classic, it's great well worth paying the extra few quid for. I got the two slice though better size cheaper and rearly have a situation where I have to make more than two slices anyway. Unless you sit down for family breakfast.
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28 Jan 2020 06:42
Has anyone got any recommendations for home security cameras? I’d like some watching over the front and back garden. Also, are they easy enough to install yourself or would you get someone in?
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29 Jan 2020 21:44
I rented a car for holiday via using an Italian car rental provider back in September. On collection, they wouldn't accept my credit card because it didn't have "raised numbers" (most of the new cards I own have the details printed on), as they used some old school ink copying machine that required raised numbers; I was given the option of using my debit card which would incur a £250 fee. Phoned up Zest Car rental immediately who said I could either use the debit card and accept the fee, and try to get it back at a later date, or cancel the booking - the latter wasn't really an option, so I paid the fee and thought I could deal with it later.

4 months on and this hasn't been resolved - Zest have had lots of back and forth with the rental company, who are refusing to admit I had a valid card, despite me having a photograph of my credit card on their collection desk on the day of collection.

Part of think fault sits with Zest, as in my order confirmation email they simply require me to have a "valid credit card" at collection, which I did, and there was no mention of needing an embossed card. As this was something their supplier required, they should have made me aware of it during the booking/confirmation process.

How to escalate it to get this solved? Ombudsman? Daily Mail?
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29 Jan 2020 21:58
Do a debit card chargeback with your bank and tell them both to get fucked
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29 Jan 2020 22:36
As it’s been over 120 days is that still an option?
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30 Jan 2020 08:35
Is anybody near Patta in London and mind swinging by the Sale today/tomorrow for me? Can't get into the city Sad
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30 Jan 2020 09:29
timmbo wrote: As it’s been over 120 days is that still an option?

According to MSE some claims can be made after 120 days but within 540 days.
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30 Jan 2020 10:26
Did you pay on a MasterCard? 540 window is for MC, PM me if you want I used to work in chargebacks for a card processor.

timmbo wrote: As it’s been over 120 days is that still an option?