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30 Sep 2020 09:59
toin wrote:
seenmy wrote: thanks ill try this at weekend, if it is a hardware issue is this a apple store appointment job?

I would recommend having it checked by the apple store and having them give you a quote on the repair. If you think it's not worth the dough you could always check a 3rd party repair service or use ifixit to give it a go yourself. Although those new MacBooks are notoriously hard to fix yourself mind, as they glue down many parts.

As a disclaimer, I'm out of my depth about hardware repairs, I only handled software issues when working for them…Oops

apparently needs new screen… so getting that done next week by 3rd party as dont want to be going in and out of town and not on apple care etc anyway.. no fix no fee so not lot to loose
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1 Oct 2020 08:20
anyone ever taken nootropics to help focus/drive at work? gone full time from home office and find mornings a bit of a cunt these days. have taken modafinil before and found it to work wonders, but keep seeing ads for nootropics and might give some a go.
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2 Oct 2020 11:48
What the hell do you guys ask for on your bday? I can't think of anything sub 100 bucks that I didn't already buy for myself.
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2 Oct 2020 12:07
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2 Oct 2020 12:58
Kitchen knife, Leatherman, flashlight
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2 Oct 2020 19:47
smokie wrote: Kitchen knife, Leatherman, fleshlight
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2 Oct 2020 22:10
Was waiting on that Laughing out loud
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posted 2 Oct 2020 22:12, edited 2 Oct 2020 22:12
zappa1903 wrote: Meal?

Vouchers are the worst.
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3 Oct 2020 12:38
Bottle of booze
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3 Oct 2020 13:44
sofashionmuchamaze wrote: What the hell do you guys ask for on your bday? I can't think of anything sub 100 bucks that I didn't already buy for myself.

Quality socks, a la Kapital or Anonymous ism, if it is little things. There comes a point where you don't always think to get those sorts of things yourself, but is good to have as a gift.
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17 Oct 2020 17:06
There was abit of talk in here about laser eye surgery a bit ago, I'm seriously considering it at the moment.
I only need glasses for reading my, normal sight is fine, but if I go to work or something and forget my glasses I start off ok but as the day wears on my eys get worse and worse to the point I can't even look at my phone. Is this something that's fixable with laser eye surgery, if so what can I expect to pay and who would you recommend?
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posted 22 Oct 2020 17:12, edited 22 Oct 2020 17:12
Seems like an odd place to ask this but I have had 3 interviews for quite a senior role at a new company.

The final interview stage is a General Ability exam (like a Psychometric Testing) through a company called SHL. I've taken a couple this week when I have had some spare time and I feel like an idiot, half the questions I feel like rainman couldn't answer.

I assume you have to score 70% in these things to be in with a shout? Any good resources to practice them?
Maybe I just need some quiet space instead of testing them out at lunch time.
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22 Oct 2020 17:49
May differ between industries, however… Ive had experience with similar tests and found that some of them are to a large extent just testing your ability to stick with it/persevere - guessing through tricky/nonsensical ones, and getting to the questions you can actually answer. The ones that make you feel like rainman probably genuinely are nonsensical, and just need guessing.
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22 Oct 2020 17:58
Ones I’ve done have measured how quickly you work through them and how accurate you are. I wouldn’t guess them - some mark down for incorrect answers.
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posted 22 Oct 2020 18:18, edited 22 Oct 2020 18:18
I've had these tests before specifically personality based and problem solving and to my knowledge results won't necessarily hinder your employment chances.

If you are working through a recruitment agency I would ask if they have any insight on the process and how the tests are used, assuming they have placed candidates at their client before.

If dealing direct with HR or a potential report, I'd ask them about the assessment and the outcomes. It is not unreasonable to ask how these types of tests that they want you to do are used to assess candidates. If they get all secretive and don't provide clear and adequate answers it could be an insight to the culture.

After all, if you are serious about a candidate then you would want them relax and perform well just like any other stage of a candidate assessment.

We used them at my last place and anyone that asked me about them during the interview process often performed well, against others who presumably got all worried. Plus sometimes this can be redtape bullshit enforced by some twat in HR.
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23 Oct 2020 05:16
Thanks for the responses. Its a direct headhunt really but they haven't been clear over the number of candidates. Im not really super interested as I have a really decent job albeit unlikely to progress into the role they are offering for a while.

I have an engineering degree but the question are so random its almost impossible to prepare. Some of the questions are statistical data then the next is selecting the next shape sequence of random shapes. Maybe im old school, but understand that a lot of big global firms ask for this now so I probably need to get with the programme.

Anyway, I need to complete this weekend so will report back. Its almost pissed me off so much that I'd probably just use their offer to get a payrise with my current company.
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23 Oct 2020 07:16
Wow, SHL…Didn't know the big companies still did tests like these. Thought they moved away from these and put more emphasis on interviews/what you do outside of work.

Last time I remember doing one was at uni, applying for jobs in final year. About 4 of us around one laptop all trying to answer the questions Laughing out loud
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23 Oct 2020 14:11
Say you ordered a large piece of furniture 6 months ago. They fucked you about, said sorry and refunded you. You bought a similar item from another retailer and then 6 months later the item from the original retailer arrives direct from supplier. Where does that leave you ?! Asking for a friend etc.
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23 Oct 2020 15:04
when that's happened to me for small iutems I've kept the extra items, but for large ones dunno

are the companies big corporate monsters or one legged li'l granma's sofa making company?

if you've got the space i'd probably keep it and ebay it
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23 Oct 2020 15:08
Depends how much of a problem you wanna cause the supplier and/or retailer.

In effect the delivery is unsolicited so you could keep quiet and see whether anyone realises; however, given that you'd ordered from the company (albeit the order was cancelled), there's an argument for suggesting that you should contact them and arrange for them to collect it. After a given date (prescribed by you), you could start charging for storage or simply 'dispose' of it - how you dispose of it is your call, stoney, classifieds? In your spare room? Regardless it's extemely rare for these type of things to go unnoticed these days I'm afraid.