General Discussion: Lisbon, Portugal

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4 Oct 2015 20:38
Enjoy it my friend!
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11 Sep 2017 14:47
looking to do NYE in Lisbon, anyone done it before? Have only heard good things about the city
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12 Sep 2017 10:02
I'm here right now - I'll do you a list of places once I'm done!

Fantastic weather at the moment too.
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17 Sep 2017 17:05
BONJARDIM for the best rotisserie chicken you will eat. I don't eat seafood so this was my saviour.

PARK, PENSAO AMOR, LUX for great nights out.

Most recommendations have already been mentioned.

Fantastic city, great architecture, ride those funicular trams, uber is dirt cheap, great beaches fairly close but a lot of construction work going on as they're building some type of super port for cruise ships to dock…
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17 Sep 2017 18:48
I actually found there to be a lot of construction going on in general this year. Loads of cranes on the horizon and a lot of notices advising what was being demolished. I gathered there is quite a bit of opposition to modernising the city, and in turn pulling down the heritage. Still lots of amazing sights to see.

Like anywhere in Winter the city contracts as there's a bit less to do and less inclination to do the bigger day trips.