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4 Oct 2015 20:38
Enjoy it my friend!
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11 Sep 2017 14:47
looking to do NYE in Lisbon, anyone done it before? Have only heard good things about the city
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12 Sep 2017 10:02
I'm here right now - I'll do you a list of places once I'm done!

Fantastic weather at the moment too.
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17 Sep 2017 17:05
BONJARDIM for the best rotisserie chicken you will eat. I don't eat seafood so this was my saviour.

PARK, PENSAO AMOR, LUX for great nights out.

Most recommendations have already been mentioned.

Fantastic city, great architecture, ride those funicular trams, uber is dirt cheap, great beaches fairly close but a lot of construction work going on as they're building some type of super port for cruise ships to dock…
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17 Sep 2017 18:48
I actually found there to be a lot of construction going on in general this year. Loads of cranes on the horizon and a lot of notices advising what was being demolished. I gathered there is quite a bit of opposition to modernising the city, and in turn pulling down the heritage. Still lots of amazing sights to see.

Like anywhere in Winter the city contracts as there's a bit less to do and less inclination to do the bigger day trips.
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2 Mar 2018 20:16
Going to Lisbon for my stag do in August. Can't wait. How are the pubs for getting in? There will be about 12 of us but not typical stag do banter boys.
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2 Mar 2018 20:54
Bars in Lisbon are small so it'll be more about fitting you all than getting in!

There aren't too many of what are typically 'pubs,' it's definitely more a bar/resturant set up, especially on the Barrio Alto where they are in abundance. It'll be warm enough for street drinking in August anyway.

Cinco bar is decent if you can find it, shouldn't struggle to get in.

Lux club is renowned for having poor bouncers so I wouldn't waste your time queueing.
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3 Mar 2018 00:46
I’m back in Lisbon end of this month for Bob Dylan’s first European tour date this year….. so any other suggestions are welcome…..
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3 Mar 2018 09:41
Hey. I just did most of February in Lisbon to get a break from the Reykjavik winter.

It was pretty sedentary, mostly reading and chilling w my wife and baby son in Alfama but I can recommend you some great places to eat:

O Ramiro, Intendente is an absolute must do. Go between 3 - 6pm to avoid the queue

In Alfama:

Taberno Sal Grosso is a must. You’ll need to make a reservation.

Alfama Cellar is great traditional food

Cantinho do Aziz is a great Mozambique restaurant

Santa Clara dos Cogumelos is an amazing restaurant that has a menu based around mushrooms. They also had the best of the green wines that I had in Lisbon. You should really go, but maybe make a reservation.

It’s right above the Panteão Nacional which you should also visit. And it’s next to the Copenhagen coffee lab which is a great 3rd wave spot with outdoor seats facing the market square. The market is fun and is every Tuesday and Saturday.

Two good wine bars: By The Wine and Cafe Tati (which have a couple of natural wines by the glass if that’s your thing).

For coffee, Copenhagen coffee lab have two locations, and the Fabrica Roastery is also good.

You can get some great canned food souvenirs in Sol e Pesca.

Cascais is a nice beach spot north of the city. I also heard Sintra is great but never made it.

There is Uber in Lisbon, so use it because local cabs have a bad rep.

Lisboeta are very friendly people but not particularly upbeat because of the economic situation.
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3 Mar 2018 12:00
Thanks for the tips guys.
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25 Apr 2018 10:37
Any updates / new recommendations?

What’s the must see tourist things ? Planning on heading to the acqarium but that’s it so far. Staying in baro alto so looking for cool places to chill, eat, drink

Going to Sintra in August for a wedding so checking that area out then. Any point in a trip to Cascais for the day or not worth it in this trip?
Thanks guys
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posted 25 Apr 2018 10:58, edited 25 Apr 2018 10:58
After going to the São Jorge Castle which has incredible views of the city definitely go for a meal at Canto da vila.

For drinks go to PARK during the day & night check out Pensao Amor on Pink St.
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25 Apr 2018 12:28
Going on Saturday for 4 days in Lisbon 4 in cascais. Worth a stop in Cascais if nearby. Overnight there recommend the Farol Art Hotel.

Cascais has a backstreet place called Moules & Gin which is great.

Sintra is ok but out of season. In peak it is packed.

Any other tips for places in Lisbon appreciated. Staying Barrio Alto.
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25 Apr 2018 21:45
we have 4 days so maybe we will take a day trip to Cascais one day