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22 Apr 2022 16:56

Also these for good craft beers

Duque Brewpub
Outro Lado
Dois Corvos
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22 Apr 2022 17:00
Crackajack wrote:
sofashionmuchamaze wrote: +1 for TimeOut Market. It is a bit overpriced compared to local prices, but they do have some really good stuff there like the Asian style steak tartare from Tartar-ia.

I find these nu-food court places a bit weird, as whatever country you go to it kind of looks / feels the same. And same food… Fried chicken, mexican, burgers etc.

The Lisbon one actually had some good local restaurants though. It seemed to be full of people who had just got off a cruise ship when we went and seemed to be treating it like an extension of one of their dining halls.

Can't agree more, I tend to avoid them wherever I go.

I went to the one in Lisbon specifically for one place though, O Prego Da Peixaria, because I wanted to try it but the other location they have was closed, and can definitely recommend it
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22 Apr 2022 19:10
It's the same for the 'craft beer' bars / taproom as well tbf. Plywood Cool

I did like the Duque Brew pub but it's exactly the same sort of setup inside as any number of places in any city. Street outside / location was cool tho.
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23 Apr 2022 17:38
Taberna da rua das Flores
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posted 25 Apr 2022 21:35, edited 25 Apr 2022 21:35
Robadob wrote: Taberna da rua das Flores


Also Ponto Final for one of the best locations for a meal going.

Edit: just realised this is basically what I wrote on page 2.
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26 Apr 2022 09:01
Aqui ha Peixe
Taberna do Calhau
O Velho Eurico