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22 Oct 2012 21:32
Thanks man, I only know bars/clubs in Liverpool so a bit unsure of what there is to do other than that!
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22 Oct 2012 22:23
If you’re there for the whole day, and the weather isn’t too awful, then there are a couple of things on the coast that are worth seeing.

Train from Liverpool Central to Waterloo is only 15 mins and it’s a short walk to the beach from there to see the Gormley statues:

From there you can walk along the coat to Crosby and Blundellsands station (about a mile) and take the train to Freshfield (10 mins). Short walk to the squirrel reserve (tame red squirrels that you can feed)
P5100064 (2)

30 minute train ride from Freshfield back into town. Go for a wander round the city centre. Biennial art festival is on at the moment so there may be events on in town.

When you’re done looking around, go up the hill to the Anglican cathedral (http://www.liverpoolcathedral.org.uk/visitingevents.aspx) then back down through town to the Albert Dock. Have a look around the Tate (current Turner, Monet, Twombly exhibition is great), and the slavery museum if you have time, then walk back into town for a meal somewhere.
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23 Oct 2012 17:50
visiting cathedrals and art galleries is alright if you're into that kind of shite.

personally i would recommend a day out in new brighton or west kirby Cool
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23 Oct 2012 18:03
Ima do errrrry shot in Baa Bar on saturday night for my birthday
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23 Oct 2012 19:14
Thanks for the effort Trystero will check them out Cool
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13 Mar 2013 18:15
Is there any barbeque style places in liverpool worth going to? Ribs, pulled pork etc.. Can't seem to find much on google that stands out, or any other good restaurant suggestions.

Gona go in a couple of weeks for my mates birthday but he's got simple tastes so just wants American style food, would like to stay away from chain restaurants.
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13 Mar 2013 19:16
Ship and mitre does good burgers
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13 Mar 2013 20:40
Salt Dog Slims serves hotdogs with various toppings its a pretty basic menu and quite a small gaff but they do big stein's of good beer. Didnt try the food when I went. Its more of a bar than a restaurant I would say.
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13 Mar 2013 23:03
I think peacocks bar does a barbeque on certain days? may only be in the summer… although for simple food suggestions, I would highly recommend TriBeca, very decent, well priced pizzas, only thing is they dont really serve anything else…
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31 Mar 2013 13:31
Got a spare ticket for circus tonight if anyone wants it, will let it go for face value on here.

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18 May 2014 05:00
Anyone living in Liverpool then?
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posted 15 Aug 2014 08:35, edited 15 Aug 2014 08:35
Working up in Liverpool for a few months - what places should I be hitting? Food/Clubs/Shops etc.
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15 Aug 2014 12:11
Food -
Salt House Baraco or Tapas (first one is small plates italian and second is decent tapas - have the tortilla, best I have ever had).
Lunya (also tapas)
San Carlo (decent italian)
Matou (pan-asian, great river view and terrace overlookuing the three graces is brilliant on sunny day)
Almmost Famous - Burgers
Rookwood (supposed to be decent for bbq but I have never been so can't warrant it).
London Carridge Works - fine dining
The Quarter - italian
Host - asian, v good.
Lucha Libre - Mexican, decent, wahacca style
Italian club - good italian cafe. Also own the fish version and il forno which are both decent.

Berry and Rye - hidden door on berry st. Best cocktails in town, decent beers on tap too but not many
Jenny's Bar - second best cocktails in town - great wiskey shop attached too.
The belvedere - great traditional pub but has a "ginansium" with about 50 gins.
Maya - good little basement club under lucha libre
Salt dog slims - hot dog and beers joint. Good beers and good cocktails - lots of both.
81 ltd - bar above salt dogs, text the bird on the door to get the access code for the pin entry on 07889 963057
Camp and furnace - great bar, cum arts venue, cum gig space, cum restaurant in the "edgy" bit of town

Weavers door - half decent selection, folk, universal works, norse, grenson, barbour dept b etc. Will also order good stuff in for you if they can.
R&H Fine Wines - great little wine shop. Devon, the guy who owns it is decent bloke
Naff all else that is special. Spend all your dosh on eating and drinking instead and buy your clothes online.

PM me if you need any info or ask on here. Hometown so know it inside out.

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posted 15 Aug 2014 12:18, edited 15 Aug 2014 12:18
Ginner that's a very on point rundown!

I'm from Liverpool too and 99% of what you've said is spot on.

I'll add a couple:

Drink & street food:

Constellations - https://twitter.com/ConstellationsL

EAT // ART // DRINK // MUSIC // Constellations is a new Independent and Creative venture within the Baltic Triangle of Liverpool.

Really cool outdoor space if the sun is shining.



\\ Falafel || Cocktails || Small Plates //

My favourite restaurant bar none and known by many as the number 1 independent in Liverpool at the moment.

I've recently started a walking tour in Liverpool, we'd be happy to show you around: http://www.seecrettours.co.uk/. Would be good to get fukers feedback too on the site, idea etc.
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15 Aug 2014 12:30
Thanks both, I'll be in touch. Looking forward to it Cool
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15 Aug 2014 12:43
Try el bandito tequilla bar too. Its a 3x3m candle lit basement with about 70 mezcal and tequilla on offer. Unusual place.
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15 Aug 2014 13:42
Can vouch for Almost Famous in Manchester and Liverpool, beats anything ive had almost anywhere else

worth it for there menu names alone, this bad boy was known as, the notorious P.I.G (featuring piggie smalls)
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15 Aug 2014 14:01
Santa chupitos is a good little bar too, nolita cantina is decent value American style food.

Salt dog slims has their restaurant opening soon too, which will be good.

Liverpool is a great city.
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posted 15 Aug 2014 14:12, edited 15 Aug 2014 14:12
Baltic bakehouse do a banging breakfast. Just took over Fly in Loaf as well, good food in there plus beers.

Others to add to list above
Albion kitchen
Free state kitchen
Twenty three club
Neon jambon
Salt house bacaro
Maray was pretty average with dogshit service imo
Bold St Coffee
The Art School looks banging from what I read, opens soon
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15 Aug 2014 14:37
Baltic Bakehouse is ace. Especially the cinnamon rolls.