Random Questions: Living in london (finding somewhere)

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24 Sep 2012 21:26
Through a small estate agent.Don't really know much about Canonbury but it seems rather nice.
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24 Sep 2012 21:29
How long have you been looking? area does seem nice too, good find.

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24 Sep 2012 21:30
It was the first place we viewed, all signed and confirmed within two weeks.
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24 Sep 2012 21:33
i lived there for a year, quiet but great links <10 min walk to dalston bars, 10 min bus to angel and old street, canonbury overground and highbury&islington tube easily walkable and 24 hour bus back from sentrall Cool

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24 Sep 2012 21:41
10 minute cycle to work as well. The Marquess Tavern looks like a nice local.
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24 Sep 2012 22:04
hmmm maybe ill look round there
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9 Oct 2012 20:24
dunno if this has been posted before but has anyone had any experience renting through camelot?


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9 Oct 2012 21:25
this is the one which is essentially legalised squatting correct? great if you get in on a site that then gets clear to stay as is, theres an old school in lambeth that nike invest in that is basically on this scheme, I think really though you have to be a certain kind of person to do this style of living,
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9 Oct 2012 22:05
basically, yes. im not sure if its for me but its so cheap it is tempting me. basically paying 200 quid a month tops for a decent sized double room (in most cases)
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9 Oct 2012 22:35
anyone know a reputable site that I can use to search for a short-term flat share/rental in London? I'm down working in the centre for November and don't really want to stump up for a hotel. Not sure about Gumtree and have looked at a site called Airbnb. Any other recommendations would be great.
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9 Oct 2012 22:38
Noble Locks
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9 Oct 2012 22:44
I'm going for that Camelot thing is bollocks.
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9 Oct 2012 22:48
Heard of people that know people that've used that Camelot thing and got some very lovely places. Could very well be D4N's mate though for all I know.
Noble Locks
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9 Oct 2012 22:50
How's the penguin doing?
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9 Oct 2012 22:54
havent they just made squatting illegal?
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9 Oct 2012 23:32
m15try wrote:
Farrell wrote: How shit is living in elephant & castle?

Alternatively anyone know any decent 2 beds going round highbury/dalston/kentish town for 300 a week?

Good luck mate, I've really been struggling to find something decent for 350 a week

We just got a well nice place in Canonbury for 350, Talked them down from 375.
canonbury is a nice area, bare shottaz pon road too
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9 Oct 2012 23:45
Jordan wrote: havent they just made squatting illegal?


@seenmy what do you mean by that?
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10 Oct 2012 08:31
as I said it is essentially legalised squatting, basically camelot (as I understand it) manage these empty sites that would otherwise be at risk of squatting, its not squatting as you are paying,but its not traditional renting, basically they find you a place in a site within the area you want/need to live (I think) and you pay a nominal rent, but as I understand it based on the one I have seen/been to the tennants in return help manage the site keep it nice and also are essentially protecting it from illegal squatting, the catch is that at any moment the ownership of the building could change or the planning rights and you can get turfed out (like squatting) but in this system they will always move you to somewhere else but you have to move (un like squatting)

If you get lucky you get on a site that basically gets turned in to a community project or is not allowed to be developed and you essentially get a 200 a month place for life this is what I think is the situation at the place I have been to

It works if your life works that way, that you have no fixed roots or commitments, if your an artist etc, the one I went to was all very similar type of people (quite hippy/dreamer types) the building is nice but in the end it still looks a bit like an established squat not a set of well maintained apartments in a converted school, its just classrooms and office spaces split up in to living areas like a squat would be.

there could be a bit more overall to it, but this is how I roughly understood it when it was explained to me
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10 Oct 2012 08:49
with camelot you effectively become the deterrent to squatting / looting / damage, clever idea as you are cheaper and more effective than a security guard.

I have had a couple of friends who have done it and speak highly of it. Doesn't appeal to me as you are in this huge old buildings often alone it doesn't strike me as the safest thing
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10 Oct 2012 09:56
Know a guy who rents through a similar site, Adhoc, and always told positive things about that.

He used to squat, so he says that sort of legalized squatting is better as he now has a job (Chef, still pretty flexible) and is no longer under the threat of legal issues, not spending a lot.

Obviously the cons are that you're not able to properly settle somewhere as you could be told to move at any time and and that the place where you live hasn't all the comforts. You definitely must be up for that kind of lifestyle as Seenmy said.

I have as well friends who squat and their life is definitely harder than guardians' one