Random Questions: Living in london (finding somewhere)

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26 Nov 2013 20:25
Will still be a shit hole even if it had 10 Westfields open up in it.
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posted 10 Jan 2014 04:04, edited 10 Jan 2014 04:04
my gf has been tasked with finding us a place to live for when I get back to London.

is £300pw a reasonable budget for a 1 bed flat? I'm flexible on location as I cycle to work, she'll need an overground station nearby (sw/n/nw). I don't give a shit where we are as long as I have a nice flat - she's a bit more concerned about her personal safety - any suggestions for decent areas to look that might offer a good balance of these things?
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10 Jan 2014 07:42
Should get a 1 bed close to Highburgh & Islington for about £300pw
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10 Jan 2014 10:23
or kentish town
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10 Jan 2014 10:25
get one of the gaffs round the docs in wapping for that cash, overground station near and easy commute to the docklands for you too.
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10 Jan 2014 12:43

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10 Jan 2014 12:44
Shocked probably will get offers too
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10 Jan 2014 12:45
Laughing out loud

"Ideally it would suit someone less than 5'4 tall and with no history of claustrophobia."
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10 Jan 2014 14:11
gotta be a joke?
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11 Jan 2014 08:46
Long shot, but does anyone know of a room going around Islington? Just got an internship there so i'm moving over from Berlin next week and need to get somewhere sorted asap. Any other good sites to check other than spareroom and gumtree?
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2 Feb 2014 19:39
Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of buying in Cricklewood or the surrounding areas?
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6 Feb 2014 10:44
so my landlord has decided to raise the rent of the flat by about £600 total, split between me and my flatmate. so obviously im going to move…

not sure where to go though. i quite like where i live, but a change might be good too.

commute wise, i need to get to soutwark, blackfriars (or waterloo).
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6 Feb 2014 10:48
Rape rise!
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6 Feb 2014 10:49
werd. new landlord bought it a month or so ago Sad
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7 Feb 2014 22:36
As this seems to be the main London thread

The RMT have another strike on the underground tomorrow. They're using a slightly different tactic, one which has worked well on the continent, and one we've been arguing for for years

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11 Feb 2014 11:30
Have finally exchanged contracts on our house in Leytonstone.

Completion date is 10th March. Didn't go through an estate agent (useless cunts), knocked on doors and was told that the owners of the worst looking house on the street were maybe thinking of selling. Got talking to them, came back and looked at the house, bit of negotiation, offer accepted, BOSH.

It's taken almost 6 months to get all of the surveys and paperwork done but fingers crossed we should be all sorted now. Anybody heard of houses falling through once contracts have been exchanged?
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11 Feb 2014 11:41
Pretty rare, you are both locked into a legal agreement for a set period of time. If the seller pulls out you can sue them.
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11 Feb 2014 13:05
I went here on Sunday:


Interesting place, now one of the safest plces in the country.
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11 Feb 2014 13:25
Used to live on the edge of Broadwater Farm. Never had any trouble
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11 Feb 2014 16:02
should have knocked on HW, why of all places did you go up there?