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7 May 2015 12:52
I don't mind the look of it but the usability is awful.
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7 May 2015 15:53
what a dog.

They cant have tested this before rolling it out. select a sweatshirt and they style with button and it gives you another sweatshirt Puzzled select men then new, takes you to women's. Scrolling, brands not laid out in full, lay out, crappy dynamic menus…


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20 Sep 2017 16:08
Anyone bought from here recently. I returned something and chased the refund and was told yes we have your return and we are still within the 30 day refund period and you will receive it as and when.
Not come across this before, usually get a refund asap
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20 Sep 2017 16:31
hope they aren't going into administration again Puzzled
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20 Sep 2017 18:15
well they've just had a load of new stock go up on the website
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posted 20 Sep 2017 19:08, edited 20 Sep 2017 19:08
No, don't think there are any issues just felt they were being a bit arsey, referring me to the terms and conditions.
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21 Sep 2017 17:07
It's their policy and has been for some time, had the same happen ages ago around the time they were taken over/sold, a large order partially returned, waited well over 6 or 7 weeks before they finally returned the payment, then they screwed up big time and refunded the full amount. Took a few nagging emails, even provided proof of signature on return and still got mucked around for a few weeks longer - avoided ever since.