Random Questions: london do's and dont's

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25 Nov 2019 08:25
Thanks both. It’s for research more than anything for work. Looking at shop layouts, point of sale etc.
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25 Nov 2019 09:02
Shameless plug but my mate Little Sourdough Kitchen in Fulham has great bread

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26 Nov 2019 09:43
TATE wrote: Any suggestions for nice market/farm shoppy type places? Spots similar to Whole Foods would be great…

Also, can anyone recommend any ‘cool’ bakeries?

food: Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Harvest E8

Dusty Knuckle in Dalston is decent for bakeries
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26 Nov 2019 10:40
TATE wrote: Also, can anyone recommend any ‘cool’ bakeries?
Pophams and Pavillion Bakery.